It is your time to shine in affiliate CPA


Whatever a person wants to do, the first question that appears in its head is “How to start”?

And not just how or where to start, but how to become a real gangsta of marketing, keep money in prestigious banks, driving around in a cool car, and insert the real golden teeth.

Of course, we are joking, but we understand your desire to shine in affiliate marketing. That is why we decided to explain how to earn and build a business in marketing (especially in affiliate CPA) nowadays.

Affiliate marketing is considered to be one of the best online marketing programs that perfectly suits small and middle businesses. Marketers and merchants prefer this marketing direction because there is no risk in the venture, and payment is making after results, and for the certain fixed actions (for each lead or sale that is generated).


Affiliate marketing is also called a partnership marketing because this sphere demands close interactions between partners to help each other sell their products or services. We want to show you on the different examples, how you can build a successful and stable online business that will earn the money while you sleep. But first, we offer you see how to start any type of business in general.

6 steps of how to start a business at all

It is not necessary to finish a business college or university, have a huge bank account, or even a business experience to start the biz. There are no limits to become a great entrepreneur. However, it is obligatory to have a strong and well thought out plan, and a desire to reproduce it in life. We’ll go through the most important and effective steps.

Step 1. Evaluate yourself

Start with the questions why do you want to start a business and what kind of business you want to start? If you need extra money, think about the online job. If you want more freedom, maybe it’s time to start something new and quit the job from 9 to 5. As Dolly Parton sang: “working 9 to 5. What a way to make it living”.

Entrepreneur recommends ask yourself several questions before launching something:

What skills do you have?

What is your area of experience?

What is your passion?

How much you can afford to spend?

What capital do you need?

What lifestyle do you want to have?

Answers to these questions will help evaluate your force to start the business.

Step 2. Project your business idea

Remember, people like when their problems can be fixed. Think about how can you simplify people’s life, how can your product or service be useful? It hasn’t to be new at all, you can provide innovations. Many industries do things in one way because they used to it, a fresh set of eyes can change all.

If you have an idea that isn’t something new, then think about how to make it cheaper, faster, and better. Research the field of your future business ideas, surf online and look for an alternative.

Step 3. Research the market


Monitor your potential competitors or partners. It will help you understand which methods and marketing ways they use, how it works, and how does the audience react. Also, you can conduct polls among your potential customers.

You can ask them everything (all that concerns to the buyers) that is important to your business. For example: What do you pay attention to, when you buy a product or service? What would you like to improve?

Constant quality control will help you understand how the market works and build your business based on this data.

Step 4. Work on your business plan

A Business plan is a documented description of your business development from the start to the finish. Tim Berry a specialist in business planning once said that numerous pages in your plan don’t indicate that it’s completely correct and will benefit in the future. So, keep it short and include in it important and current information.


What should be in a business plan:

- Title page . There you point the name of your brand.

- Short and exclusive summary that will outline the scope of your business (what problems does your business solve).

- Business description . Here you point what kind of business you want to start, the current position of your industry, and what it will look like in the future.

- Market strategies include your target market and methods that will help you sell the brand.

- Analysis of the competitors includes the information of your competitiveness with them.

- Design of your brand includes customer attraction items.

- Management plan shows how your business will function on a daily basis.

- Finance part answer the question where you plan to get money, how, and when?

Step 5. Build your team

When your business starts to expand, you will need a team. You need a person that has the experience in marketing and will help you with this. For example, in online advertising, you certainly need a partner that will help you with the promotion. Because, you know, people like to hear about the bran from others, because it looks like a recommendation (and not implosion of yourself).

That is why affiliate marketing and CPA marketing are so popular among marketers. Affiliate networks and platforms are comfortable for advertisers and affiliates’ interaction. They are aimed to provide the partnership without risk and with a low fraud flow. Affiliate marketing gives partners that are working at a high level.

If we are talking about employees, then think about your company culture. Include training of workers, upgrading of their skills, and mentorship. First, it will look like a trap for you, later you’ll see the profit.

Step 6. Find a location

Location plays a very important role. Location shows the scale of your trade. Identification of your audience and information about their preferences show the spread of your brand (where you can have a high income, and where not).

Right targeted location will bring you more profit. Find out if the majority of human traffic falls under your targeted customer base. Use different tools for location analysis. These tools can give you information about traffic (online, in the app, or in real life), consumers lifestyle, etc.

Before you start collecting information about your audience, read the rules about users’ data protection (so-called GDPR). We’ve already made a research and highlighted the main moments of GDPR for affiliate networks. These rules concern to all who work with data collection.

All these steps and recommendations that are referred also to any type of business (online, mobile, etc.) You can use these steps to reach the edge of your glory and shine bright like a diamond.

Why business increasingly moves to online

And now, let’s be honest there is no life for your business if you are not on the internet. More than 80% of people learn all new and prefer to buy the stuff on the internet. Digital marketing takes the first place in marketing at all, so include it in your marketing strategy.


So why internet marketing is so popular?

First of all, it’s cost effective. Online advertising doesn’t cost much and can reach the maximum audience. Business owners prefer this type because the payment of advertising distribution directly depends on the number of impressions, clicks or taps, and other necessary actions go for a certain list of actions.

The second reason for online preferences is that online marketing measures the statistic more accurately. It is very simple to track and measure the performance of a marketing campaign.

Online marketing allows you to be closer to your audience. Online marketing helps to achieve a complete marketing cycle by offering the opportunity to create brand awareness till the customer’s purchase.

CPA kingdom in affiliate marketing

CPA pricing model and based on it CPA marketing are also very effective. The CPA suggests a pay per a certain action. Advertiser or merchant sets a fee for a certain action (click on a banner, like a post, subscription, installing the app, signing up, etc.)

Affiliates take the offer of the advertiser or merchant and send the traffic on the advertisement. After a certain time, advertiser measures the results and pay to affiliate for every action that was done by users. Fair enough, right?

Turns out, that each of the parties made its job and receive the income. That is why affiliate marketing and, of course, affiliate CPA, are so important and popular among other advertising models.

The next benefit of online marketing is the time. You don’t have to spend a lot of time to launch the campaign, especially if you are already co-work with affiliate network or platform. You just enter in your account, set up the ad campaign, and launch it. That’s all.

Affiliate CPA platforms are the base of the affiliate business. If you choose the right affiliate tracking platform, be sure, you will be the star. CPA platforms save your money, help to measure your campaign, improve traffic sources (reduce a fraud), and build for you reports. It is a perfect solution for any newbie in the affiliate marketing.

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