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All software developers aspire to create a famous mobile application that would reach the top position in the App Store and on Google Play. Everything starts with an original idea, programming specialists and a bit of marketing. However, what if your mobile app doesn’t get noticed and you never make it to the top? Should you have not started at all?

The GOWIDE team, having plenty of experience in mobile marketing, has prepared some useful pieces of advice every startup developer must keep in mind.

Find a solution to a common problem

Start your journey from identifying a problem. Such problem does not necessarily have to reflect anything connected with a mobile phone or application. Simply think of some obstacles that people have to deal with daily and what you could do to help eliminate them. Thinking through certain issues that a developer encounters personally and looking for their solutions will, most likely, lay out a successful route to success.

Plan your business model

There will be a point in time when you’ll have to include advertisement in your business strategy. There are a few mobile app monetization techniques (paid app downloads and subscriptions, in-app deposits, etc.) with in-app purchases accounting for most of App Store revenue. By allowing users to install an application and ask to only pay for additional features, you have a chance to showcase your product and its benefits.

Keep the brand identity whole

Choosing a good title for your app is an important step in the process. Try to come up with a name that will reflect the functions of the application, sound original and evoke an emotional response. Most importantly, the name you chose should be uncomplicated, because getting users’ attention is your primary goal. For this reason, make your message precise and consistent.

Develop a prototype

Programming is no longer an issue. With the help of software tools, like InVision and prototype development can be accomplished with ease. We’d advise not to outsource this work, but use and benefit from all the tools available on the Internet instead. With at least some knowledge about graphic design software, user interface can be created. This task lays out the framework for your future application and allows you to test the feasibility of your idea at an early stage.

Determine your target audience

When you start receiving positive feedback from users you will get more confident that your product’s popularity will keep growing. Your interest in reaching out to a wider audience will naturally result in your app’s soft launch. Try to get a few hundred loyal users first. Prior to investing a lot of money in marketing make sure that your product is suitable for the current market and people like what you have created.

Make the product stand out

Nielsen Media Research report published in 2015 states that 63% of application sales resulted from search on an online app store. For that reason, have your application hold a top position. Drawing up a list of keywords that will reflect your application’s primary function is a critical step. It is essential to keep your brand identity whole on various platforms for users to be able to understand what exactly they are looking for and be satisfied with the search results.

Get Investment

At the early stage of developing a mobile product it is OK to finance your own project. The bigger your business grows, the more likely you’ll start thinking about finding investors that will take interest in your product. You can find investors from all over the world on websites, like AngelList. Besides, there are many incubators and accelerators, i.e. Seedcamp, Techstars, Wayra, Y Combinator, etc.

Expand wisely

It is important to understand the type of product expansion that would suit your purpose. Some games, like Pokemon Go, do not depend on the language. What really mattered for the creators of the game was its global expansion. In contrast, mobile applications (take Uber as an example) set a city-targeted promotion campaign. Nevertheless, the main focus must be concentrated on the user. Find ways to satisfy your audience, maintain their interest and desire to go back to the product again and again.

Today, with a variety of available algorithms there’s never a 100% guarantee that a certain application can get to the top. The success of a mobile application almost entirely relies on its quality and the real benefits offered to its target audience. Follow the mindset of successful mobile app developers that treat the whole process as a business. They calculate the cost of the application development and its launch onto the market. They plan their ROI in advance, which allows them to receive a stable income rather than solely rely on good luck. GOWIDE wish you all the best.

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