UBeam: No Wires, No Problem


Starbucks is not the only charging-master when it comes to wireless charging stations. In a recent New York Times BitsBlog article, Meredith Perry is changing the way we look at wireless charging.

Is Perry’s name unfamiliar to you? Well, she has created uBeam wireless charging station - a device that gives cellphone and laptop users the ability to charge wirelessly using ultrasound. Meredith came across the idea by taking electricity and converting it into sound. That sound is sent through the air over ultrasound. A receiver attached to a portable electronic device then catches the sound and converts it back into electricity, causing the device to charge your portables.

The difference between this particular wireless charging device and any other charging docs is that you are able to move around the room with your cell phone or computer with you at all times. Your cellphone can be in your purse or in your back pocket and still be charging! These uBeam charging stations will be extremely thin - no more than 5 millimeters thick. You can even tack these transmitters onto your office or bedroom wall and create decorative art, still while charging your device.

This extraordinary technology can also bring immense changes to how devices are designed. Cell phones and laptops that work in sync with uBeam can be equipped with thinner batteries and constantly receive power, according to the article. With all of the changes happening to our devices over the years, batteries have minimally changed over the years.

Wireless charging stations and devices really seem to be taking over the technology news. Starbucks, along with many other well-known companies, have announce wireless charging stations. Without chargers, our absolute favorite devices would not be able to work - I wonder what is to come next in terms of wireless charging.

To find out more information about this unbelievable wireless charging device, check out the article here.

~Abby Cin PR Writer

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