Twitter, Company Lost in the World of Diversity


Twitter is working to incorporate diversity and inclusivity into the workplace - and they want the world to know about it. In a recent article, Viral Global News reported that Twitter is doing its best at hiring employees with a variety of backgrounds.

Janet Van Huysse, VP of Human Resources at Twitter, explained that they are working on hiring a more diverse employee base who are more representative “...of our users around the world.”

This could be a great thing for Twitter, especially when it comes to their brand’s reputation. Twitter, along with other popular social media sites, hold a strong user base of people with different backgrounds. Why shouldn’t the company want to match its employees to its user base? While the company is working to move into the more diverse employee world, the statistics of current employees and their backgrounds seems to be the complete opposite of diverse.

Diversity has become a hot and sticky subject throughout some of these dominant companies. Lets compare a few of those top social networks, according to USA Today, and the gender and backgrounds of their employees:

  • Yahoo - 62% Male, 50% White
  • Google - 70% Male, 61% White
  • Facebook - 69% Male, 57% White
  • Linkedin - 61% Male, 53% White

...Though all pretty similar numbers, I think it is safe to say that all four of these competing companies need to follow in Twitter’s footsteps and acknowledge a change in the diversity of their company’s employees.

Lets not blame the companies themselves here. All companies listed above have not mentioned any acts of discrimination playing a role in hiring of their employees. They have not acknowledge the reasons to explain why there is such an immense difference in gender and race throughout their employees.

We should applaud Twitter for working to make change in the diversity of their employees. The well-respected company works alongside a large amount of organizations that are involved in promoting under-represented groups such as women and racially diverse individuals. Some of the groups Twitter works with are Girls Who Code, Girl Geek Dinners, sf.girls, Out for Tech, Technovation, Chime for Change and Black Girls Code, among many others.

Although these influential companies are not fully to blame in the gender and racial gaps of their employees, they need to focus on what is on the inside versus the outside. Similar to dating - if you focus on what is on the outside, problems could arise. When hiring, companies need to focus on qualifications, experience and potential and not center around gender and race. It will be interesting to see what happens to these statistics in the next couple of years - we will update you then!

~Abby Cin, PR Writer

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