TUNE acquires MobileDevHQ


Every now and then the mobile world has some breaking news to release, which gives all tech media some great stories to cover - kind of like hungry sharks!

Acquisitions are arguably the favorable topic among such media. This brings me to the breaking news of this week - TUNE, formerly known as HasOffers, has acquired MobileDevHQ.

Both Seattle-based companies look like a perfect match.

TUNE is the mobile app performance advertising software-as-a-service provider with 200 employees and offices throughout the US, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. TUNE was recently rebranded from HasOffers in order to highlight its different services, HasOffers and MobileAppTracking (MAT), which allow app owners to measure the value of their mobile advertising partners.

The company’s development path has been moving away from incentivized traffic to providing better solutions in terms of unpaid user acquisition. Companies that provide App Store Optimization (ASO) services, which allow app owners to maximize natural traffic for their apps, are the best source for acquiring app users without incentivized traffic.

Additionally, it is important to note that Apple has recently become more proactive and is cracking down on companies that provide incentivized traffic for mobile apps. It is a spectacular move on TUNE’s part to expand its team and link up with the ASO professionals that MobileDevHQ is equipped with.

MobileDevHQ is a smaller company that began operating in the same year as TUNE did.

I would say that the cherry on top of this acquisition is that both companies are located in the same city - can’t go wrong with that!

Art Dogtiev,

Head of Branded Content

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