Tricks to Being a Google Pro


Everyone has their own secrets, believe it or not, even Google. Google searching is more than just typing in a few words to search for what you want, there are some serious tricks to really digging deep and maximizing your search skills.

Our eyes caught hold of a recent pin on pinterest telling us 7 of the most useful tricks to use when searching the web. See how many of these tricks you already knew and which ones are entirely new to you!

Quotation Marks (“”)

You can use those tiny quotation marks both at the beginning and end of a word in order to search for an exact word. You can even do it for a set of words like searching for song lyrics or an excerpt from your favorite book.

Dashes (-)

Yep, it is as easy as it sounds. You can put a dash before a word that you want to exclude in your search.

Tilde (~)

That squiggle that you have probably never touched on your keyboard, it can finally be put to use. Use a tilde before a term to include results with its synonym.

Site: Query

Sounds a bit more difficult than it is. You can use “site:” to search within a specific website. It is similar to using “Control + F”. But you do not have to click on each individual article to find a word because this search tool will do it for you!

Link: Query

Similar to the trick above, but instead you can use “link:” to search for sites that link to the specified site url.

Two Periods (..)

Could life get any easier? Want to look up a range of years, dates, measurements or prices? Use two periods between two numbers in order to express a range of numbers you want to search.

Related: Query

Last but not least, use “related:” to find sites that are related to the specified site.

Google does it again, making every Google-users’ lives that much easier. We will keep you posted on more tips and tricks that come to the rescue!

~Abby Cin, PR Writer

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