Trends That Are Already Molding Future Digital Advertising


Digital promotion is an integral part of any modern business structure. This incredible advertising tool, when used with skill, can result in efficient brand promotion and improved sales performance of products and services.

Digital marketing has seen a huge uplift in the recent years. Multiple research results show that the greatest amount of time people devote to when using a digital device is accessing web applications. If one considers using online marketing to promote products and/or services, he will definitely be able to reach his potential customers, even in the most remote corners of the world. This not only results in the overall enhanced engagement, wider distribution, but also stronger, more consistent support.

GOWIDE has been working in digital marketing for 4 years and explored all the advantages that it could provide marketers in future. In this article, we are going to share some of the top trends in digital advertising that will help improve customer experience and sharpen your marketing vision.

Going digital will continue to be the top priority, as marketing specialists suggest

Digital media is the first choice of advertising for the modern day business. Due to the vast potential, technological advancement and convenience, it helps facilitate the engagement with the targeted audience worldwide. It’s easy to see the reasons why online media will continue to be the area of prime focus in the years to come.

Another interesting observation involves the marketing budget that has been allocated to the creation and promotion of digital ads, which has increased from 18% to 30% in just a few years, including the traditional advertising tools, i.e. print media, television, radio, etc. Print media, in its turn, has undergone complete digitalization.

The creation of online editions of magazines, newspapers, catalogues, etc. has replaced traditional marketing to a great extent. In just a few clicks users get complete access to all the information they require.

The faster the transition to digital media gained momentum, the stronger was the global effect on the traditional advertising. In future years, consumers are expected to shift even further onto digital and online channels.

Introduction of diversified digital marketing approach

With the transition from traditional promotional media to its digital counterpart, marketers have worked up methods to adapt their campaigns to different types of ad formats that would accommodate mobile devices.

In-app ads will continue to be the key force in getting the right prospects at the right time, as well as further customer base development. In the coming years, behavioral targeting and improved, more advanced programmatic ad formats will continue to generate and extract even larger profits from mobile. We can already experience today the way digital media has been providing marketers with a comprehensive environment to collect multidimensional data about their consumers that is collected and used to create customized pop-up messages and notifications with enhanced features.

Social media websites will take over

In future, social media websites such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. will be considered the main promotional channels. Their innovative advertising features will continue to develop and ultimately become the major thriving players to generate and drive ad revenue.

It would be odd to assume that these social media platforms, having developed a huge database of loyal customers, wouldn’t start turning their focus towards capitalizing on such valuable asset, or ensure assistance to marketing specialists to further approach and push for ways of reaching their target audience. The vast data and targeting tools allow marketing professionals to customize and personalize their existing social media campaigns accordingly.

In the recent years, Instagram has been favored by designers and fashion brands due to its visually appealing format. This photo sharing application provides brand marketers with an opportunity to use the tools and space to captivate their customer, lay out user acquisition tactics and help business expand at a faster pace. Twitter offers updates, the moments feature, conversion metrics and events targeting, which act as a powerful agent to create real-time engagement with the audience worldwide.

Online videos will flourish

The Online video has been utilized as a prominent channel for promotional campaigns by several marketing companies. Based on a recent research, it is forecast that online videos will account for eighty percent of the total digital traffic by 2019.

People are turning away from television to streaming videos. With the predicted growth of online videos as a popular promotional channel, it will reach and hold a top position in 2018. Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, will adopt ways of integrating more and more online videos into their ad campaigns in the form of auto-play videos, live streaming and native in-app video advertisements.

Considering all of the above, these trends are indicating that the digital promotion will continue to develop in a very promising way. Businesses should already start considering the future use for their assets, the existing technology and infrastructure in order to secure their ultimate expansion and profit.

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