The year 2017: better, faster, smarter and more digitally sophisticated


The rumors and speculations were in full circulation already by the end of 2016, the last month of which, as it usually does, represents the final point and panoptic overview on the success of your business in comparison with the existing rivals and the competitive market in general. Regardless of the size of the business you run the predictions, expectations and final results acquire their tangible form at the end of the financial year, and serve as a trampoline for a fresh start. The potential of reaching prosperity heights is determined by how well one can work and analyze the statistical data, expand the extensive knowledge and manage to stay in tune with the latest news and updates, as well as being able to react and adjust to the emerging changes.

The IT is, if not the only, but definitely one of the most diverse and fast -moving plurivalent phenomenon man has ever witnessed. If you live in TODAY, you’re already too late. The technologies and algorithms available TOMORROW are the aces up your sleeve in this game.

What should mobile marketers expect and be on the lookout for in 2017?

  1. Small businesses to acquire proprietary mobile apps.

The results obtained in this survey show that nearly 50% of small businesses will be looking into getting a mobile app developed. Such reaction has been expected after the immense success of the already popular brands like Amazon, Starbucks, Domino’s, to name just a few. Promotions through push notifications have made staying in touch with the user on the go so effortless, but infinitely effective.

Consequently, we’ll see a gradual rise of modest mobile app studios and DIY app building platforms to accommodate the basic user needs, thus creating bigger clutter of copycat apps on the Store.

Marketers will have to skill up on their media buying skills, as the targeting parameters will take a completely new turn.

2. A “lazy” user is a profitable user.

The desire to live a more hassle-free comfortable life has always been the #1 stimulus on the human evolution highway. As tricky as it may sound, mobile apps in 2017 will have to be able to deal with a wide range of demands providing various solutions and maintaining high expectations while keeping the interface and internal mechanisms simple, intuitive, fast and visually pleasing. Google knew this and used it as a base for creating Android instant Apps. In other words, if you wish to “clamp down on” your users and distract them from moving on in search of a better deal, provide the easiest and shortest way possible to make a purchase at the present moment in time. In terms of content and its delivery to the end user, video and artistically incorporated native ads will keep delivering the highest indices for ROI/ROAS and Retention Rate alongside with monetary and non-monetary KPIs.

Social Media celebrities, aka Influencers, will eagerly continue to introduce their audiences to the promotional digital products and make references to sponsored goods that, in terms, will “nurture” a solid LTV user base.

3. The future is now: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence

The postulates of the future, the Augmented Reality (AR), the Virtual Reality (VR), the Artificial Intelligence (AI), have officially been introduced to mobile. Your mobile phone already knows more about you than your own family does. When we think we live a private life, our devices are tracking our every move. We get things suggested to us without knowing we ever wanted or needed them. This tendency will grow in size and speed and the obtained data will be used to help the user make “the correct <and personalized> decision”.

The user-console interaction will become more intimate. As time progresses, user’s expectations will inflate and most of the time result in poor to no response to irrelevant advertisement and irrevocable uninstallation of the app - something both developers and advertisers must keep in mind.

Final Word: Business with the strongest mobile ad strategy will have the benefits of

- Improved user (customer) overall happiness and engagement

- Increased sales through mobile

- Unrivalled user loyalty

When you can see these three potential allies for growth, your business is sure to benefit from mobile technology. If things seem obscure and complicated it’s best to assign an experienced marketing agency to run a User Acquisition campaign on your behalf. In the current highly competitive market there’s very little room for mistakes and failing to achieve the results your business relies on can lead to missed opportunities and financial frustration.

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