The recent trends in mobile app development


The digital tech is constantly evolving. Mobile app developers have to follow all tendencies in the marketplace to stay competitive and create the products that meet the customer’s expectations.

A lot of brands rely largely on applications for promoting and expanding their presence. That’s why developers should be aware of new trends, know how to apply them and make exclusive digital products.

Below you will find some interesting ideas that you need to take into account to develop tradable apps.

Moving to the Cloud

The space for app storage in portable devices has become an issue since the number of digital products is constantly growing. People can open and use several applications throughout the day. Users add data that fill in the phone memory.

Sometimes it is necessary to uninstall an app in order to download another one. In this case, any cloud-based invention becomes a better alternative. The users’ data are saved on a server. There is an opportunity to install more applications.

Experts predict that cloud-based app usage will rise by 90% until 2019.

Improvement of UX

Better user experience will increase engagement. The way people interact with the digital invention is crucial. The proper analytical tools help app developers to improve UX. Tracking the user’s behavior, getting feedback from customers allow to respond to various issues and eliminate errors more effectively.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

These trends have been actively implemented in gaming, social media, healthcare, and other types of apps. With the help of such solutions, doctors can create 3D models of tumors and perform surgery tasks more accurately. AR and VR can improve the app performance in any category.

Everybody knows Snapchat and Instagram. These applications also successfully use new technology. According to marketing experts from Statista, the number of AR mobile apps will reach 5 billion by 2019.

Mobile Wallets

Creation of mobile wallet applications is another popular tendency. That allows users to make secure monetary transactions via the smartphones. This trend is closely connected with the growing demand for mobile commerce, online purchases, and booking systems.

Better security and data protection

The innovations in the sphere of the customer’s data security are gaining popularity. There are new security requirements that developers can offer for both iOS and Android app users. These concepts are changing mobile development industry. Blocking, two-factor authentication, and other new approaches make the personal information more protected. That increases the user engagement and brand loyalty.


Gaming apps have been the most favorite products among the customers. Their popularity continues to grow. Marketing specialists claim that the elements of gamification in apps will become more sophisticated and engaging.

Final Thoughts

App developers should always follow new trends in the mobile app market and digital technologies to create exclusive products that will be in demand. The Virtual and Augmented Reality, gripping gaming apps, improved security systems for users, mobile wallets, and cloud-based solutions will be in focus of entrepreneurs in the near future.

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