The guide to mobile app user retention


The first app installs after the launch of your digital invention is only half of the battle. To make your project a success you need a long-term strategy. App owners should focus on the user engagement and retention rather than acquisition.

Experts claim that most of the people who install new mobile applications abandon them after a while. There are millions of digital products for all tastes in the app store. So, an individual can easily replace the app he or she does not like by another invention.

How to improve the retention rate?

There are some ideas on how to prevent churn. Follow these rules to keep your customers interested.

Easy onboarding

The onboarding process for your app audience should be seamless and understandable. People see the real value of your application, all its benefits. The clear Call to Action is a necessity.

In-app messages

These messages are received by users during their interaction with the app. Such notifications must be relevant and informative. They usually provide important information. Advertisers can inform customers about updates, new app features, price reduction, etc. Specialists agree that in-app messages increase retention rate.

Push notifications

Marketers use geolocation. One of the main rules for push notifications is relevance. They also have to be appropriate. When you send push notifications keep in mind that these messages should not be irritating. Try to find the balance.


Provide personalized experience. Users want to receive information that is essential. Study the user’s behavior. Try to find out what people need, learn more about their preferences, likes, and dislikes. Individualized in-app messages and push notifications work more effectively.

Try to predict churn

A thorough analysis of the users’ activity within an application helps business owners to predict abandonment. That is a good chance to prevent customers from outflow. Try to generate ideas on how to set a re-engagement campaign.

A/B testing

Testing various app marketing strategies allows you to find the best ones. You may focus on the aspects important for your business progress. The results of these tests help advertisers to find the ways for improvement. They also can save their budgets.

The integrated approach to app marketing

When it comes to the brand expansion better to integrate a mobile application into the overall promotional channels. All elements of your marketing strategy should work in harmony. Apps should not be isolated. Try to avoid disconnected brand experience for consumers.

Collect and analyze data

The data analysis is an integral part of your marketing plan. When you collect information you have greater control over re-engagement. You know the needs and requirements of your targeted customers. You know what needs to be improved, what changes should you make.

Final Words

The user retention requires major efforts from marketers. The main rule is the deep knowledge of the target audience. When you study your app users’ preferences you can easily adjust the promotional plan. Use analytical tools, A/B testing, make push-notifications personalized. Offer your customers what they really need. The clear understanding of a customer persona allows an app owner to make the digital invention really interesting and sticky.

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