The growth hacks for app advertisers


There are few marketing tricks or hacks you can use to make your acquisition strategy cheaper and more effective. GOWIDE decided to share this wisdom with you.


According to ComScore, people prefer to spend more time on their mobile phones. Every year the number of new users is growing, and app advertising becomes very important because today it’s very important to create the advertisement that will no be intrusive for users.

Many mobile startups focus only on design. But, let’s be honest, good design is only a part of your campaign. If you care about a real ROI, then try to take a note to other hacks.

Start with AARRR

The first hack for those who just started to work in affiliate marketing. This is not just a random set of letters. AARRR stands for Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue, and Referral. AARRR includes five most important metrics that measure the growth of your campaign and help advertisers find the answer to 5 main questions.


Acquisition describes how users will find you and how to engage users and facilitate their purchase decisions.

Activation covers the first experience of the user with your app (first impression). Ask yourself or your marketing team what should you do or offer to the user that signed up or downloaded your app so he could say: “Holy cow, this app is cool, I love this! ”

Retention measures the number of users that you retained and how many users you’ve lost. Guess what, with the help of retention you can find the answer why the consumers leave your app, and how you can prevent it.

Revenue makes all work. Revenue is responsible for how to monetize the app.

Referral is like a Jedi superpower, referral shows you the number of app installs through referrals, which means invitation of other users via your application by other users.

Invest in app store optimisation (ASO)

Choose relevant keywords and optimize your title. With ASO you can optimize every element. App store optimization helps to make your app visible to leads, and help to convince potential users that your app is worth to be download.

As you see, ASO helps advertisers with user acquisition and raises conversion rate. Do you want to know how? Simply, crafting the app name, texts, even app icon, and screenshots. Alex Jubien suggests that optimizing the text part and the app icon can lead to the conversion increase up to 30%.

How to build a working app name

Simplicity is the key to success. Make your app name unique and easy to understand. Monitor your competitors to understand their policy and maybe use some of their keywords. Oh, yes, keywords play a very important role, so, write as much as you know relevant terminology. Be careful using special characters such as trademark or copyright symbols.


If you monetize your app, ASO will increase your revenue from all extra downloads that you will receive. Anyway, with a good strategy, organic installs will also increase and will cost you nothing.

Together with CTR measure engagements

Marketers used to measure sales conversion or purchase intents with the CTR or click-through-rate metric. It’s not always right. After all, advertisers use multiple channels or platforms to advertise their brands.

Measuring engagement you can see how high is your success at making your product addicting. To put it simple, engagement shows the interaction between a user and mobile application regardless of the number of channels.

With the data of engaged users, it is easy to generate the revenue and expand your business. Thanks to engagement measuring, advertisers can improve their apps and together with that retain users for longer, and receive benefits from their presence.

Inapptics claims that if you try to use the engagement metric you will have the possibility to launch a cool app marketing campaign. Because cool apps are the apps that can regularly keep users into playing.

Work with ratings and reviews

Working with your audience is a good mechanism that brings your app good reviews and ratings. Why is that? Because, when you collect a feedback you can find out the disadvantages of your product or service.

Now, let’s talk a little about ratings, and why app ratings are so important?

  • App store ratings affect top chart ratings that are recommended to the users and on search results. Apps that are positively rated hold their high position longer.
  • Users take a note on point stars of the app. If you see the app with a 3.5-star rating or even lower, will you install it? We doubt it.

So how not to be annoying and get good reviews and ratings?

Stop using pop up advertisement

That is right, no one likes your pop up advertisement. Marketing specialist Matt Galligan suggests advertisers follow three simple rules:

1. Do not interrupt someone's experience.

2. Do not ask for a rating after your app was crashed.

3. Ask for a rating when everything settle down and you receive a constructive feedback.


According to recent polls, digital advertising doesn’t have the best reputation. Users don’t like pop-ups because they interrupt searching or gaming experience. Creepy remarketing ads stalks users everywhere they go. They even can’t read an article or news without scrolling past the ads. Sounds like a story from a horror movie. But, there is another conclusion to which marketers came. Consumers don’t hate ads generally, they hate bad (we can add “boring”) ads.

Let’s take a deep look at statistics that is published on According to them:

91% of people say that today ads are more obsessive than 2-3 years ago

87% say there is more ad in general than 2-3 years ago

79% users feel like they’ve been tracked by the ad all the time.

And one more fact, pop-up ads are the worst according to users. This type of ad can bring the advertisers 73% of disapproval rating.

Take a note that mobile adblock usage grew and reached over 600 million of devices. You can see the adblock demographic statistics that have a wide age requirement.


What conclusions can we come to? Consumers understand that advertisers’ content has value and there can be something interesting, but ads should not be annoying.

Try to put yourself in the shoes of your user before producing the ad. Think about how to be useful and entertaining. Knowing your audience will help you create a suitable advertisement, choosing the right time will help you to provide a relevant incentive for users to act immediately.

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