The best tips for mobile game marketing


Mobile games remain the most popular niche for developers. People all over the world like entertaining apps. It is not easy to find your place in the sun at once. Let’s try to define the most efficient game marketing strategies to beat the competition.

Know your targeted users

Identify your targeted public. That helps you to save time. Study your audience, find out needs and requirements of these people. Make a portrait of your customer. Try to learn as much information as possible.

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Pre-Launch strategies

You should do a lot of work before your game launch. Set a release date. Create an interesting story about your invention. Inform your prospect customers about the game.

Make a Promo Video

A picture tells a thousand words. Let users see the main features of your mobile game. Making a short video presentation is the best method to convince people to download your digital product. The video must be brief but unconventional, very interesting and creative. It can be funny, breathtaking, compelling.

Share your video via YouTube. Use the power of other multimedia, such as music. Create unique images. They will help to make your game recognizable.

Landing Page

Create a landing page for your game. Pay much attention to the design and beautiful images. Add links to the app store. Find the best keywords. Choose an appealing headline. Don’t forget social networks and proper CTA.


You can hardly imagine a great success of your game without proper App Store Optimization. It is necessary to increase the game visibility and rankings on the app store. Focus on the following aspects:

  • the number of downloads;
  • the description of the game;
  • reviews;
  • installs, uninstalls of the game, and the user engagement.

Social Media and Forums

Social Media presence is an essential element of mobile game marketing. Focus on the platforms your targeted users visit. Use different analytical tools to identify the most profitable ad channel. When you create a profile ensure the picture reflects the icon of your game. Write and share interesting posts to attract more users.

You can also get feedback from your audience. Join special forums. Create your own group of interest. Communicate with people, try to find out their opinion. Don’t be afraid of negative reviews. They allow developers to make the user experience better. Learn what can you do to improve your digital invention.

Game Reviews

Find special sites for mobile game reviews. Submit your product to as many channels as possible. Users visit such resources to be aware of mobile gaming trends. That’s a great chance to reach customers.

Establish partnership

Try to find reliable partners among the app owners that have already become famous. Do not choose competitors. Better to pick mobile games that can complement your invention. The leading game creators help you to expand your brand quickly.


Mobile game advertising requires a well-supported plan. There are a lot of different tactics to promote your app. Do not hope you can implement just some of them and get immediate success. You need to experiment, test various strategies, sometimes even change the approach to advertising.

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