The best mobile video advertising practices


Video ads on mobile have gained popularity. Experts predict that video consumption will continue to grow. Why do marketers bank on this advertising format? Let’s try to figure it out.

The benefits of video ads

Mobile video has the following advantages:

  • it helps to capture the audience’s attention quickly;
  • it increases engagement;
  • it allows brands to strengthen their positions, creates loyalty;
  • consumers better understand the value of the advertised products and services.

Ideas for success

Video advertising is one of the most difficult formats. Such creatives should be carefully designed, interesting and even inspirational. That’s why marketers need to make their best efforts to achieve success.

There are some characteristics that good mobile video ads have in common. Let’s look at them.

Brand logo and app icon

Never forget to include the logo of your brand and/or app icon in your video. Such an approach makes your invention more recognizable. You may place this icon or logo in the upper left corner.

Native environment

If your video ads are taken out of the general context this might drive away potential customers. So, make sure the video looks like the surrounding content of a mobile application. Otherwise, mobile users will be confused.

Mute video

Advertisers should take into account the fact that 85% of Facebook videos are played without sound. That’s why your ads should make sense even with mute video. Many users prefer videos with subtitles. Optional audio provides better user experience. Such ads are not intrusive.

Avoid dark background

A poor visibility of a video ad will quickly distract customers. Try to use bright colors. Most of the people are not likely to adjust screen settings only to watch a video.

Clear Call to Action

It is important to add CTA (Call to Action) to your video creative. This is a necessary element. It should contain understandable message for users to make them perform a certain action. Think over the phrase you will use for CTA, e.g. Install the App Now. The choice of the right message will depend on your current marketing goal (user acquisition, re-engagement, etc.) Some specialists recommend testing different variants of call to action to improve CTR (Click through Rate).

The relevance of Video Ads

Always keep in mind the aim of your marketing campaign. For the user acquisition stage, it is important to show the benefits of your app, the way it works, its main features. The objective is to persuade users to install the app.

In retargeting campaigns, the aim of a marketer is to retain users, keep them interested in the digital invention. In this case, it would be appropriate to demonstrate new app features in the mobile video.

Bottom Line

Video advertising is a challenging format. However, there are some useful tips for those who want to implement such commercials. Promotional videos should be brief, engaging, relevant make sense even without sound, contain a clear Call to Action and the brand logo. Native ads that look like the surrounding app environment are considered to be the most efficient.

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