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Here’s the thing: whether you’re an Android buff or an iPhone devotee, or a bit of both for professional/personal reasons, keeping an eye on the latest IT and tech news can’t hurt anybody. In fact, the deeper you stick your fingers into this digital pie and the faster you get sucked into the information vortex, the more exciting it gets to make your own predictions and estimations, as well as daring to challenge the masterminds of the industry. The game has begun: it is now you against the statistics.

So, what were the most downloaded apps in 2016?

Early in December 2016, Apple shared a compilation of its top 10 free apps that dominated the App Store.



Pokémon GO




Google Maps



Spotify Music

In terms of app distribution by categories we selected a few countries from different TIERs to see if geographical and cultural variations would reflect user behaviour and preferences.

According to Applyzer’s most recent data for 4th Feb 2017, the US has shown a particular liking to iOS Games, with Shopping capturing only 5.5% in Top Overall - Free category.

It all seems fine until you want to uncrack the mystery of why the only Gaming app to enter Apple’s top downloaded list was Pokémon GO? Tapping into App Annie’s Top App Matrix has brought matters to a head by comparing markets through the lense of installs:grossing ratio.

In the US alone Free Games make up to 34.1%, whereas Grossing Games show a substantial overtake by 59%.

Hold on, we’re not done yet, here comes the Android.

TOP Trending Apps of 2016 included: Face Changer 2; Lumyer - Photo & Selfie Editor; Castbox - Podcast Radio Music; Emoji Keyboard Pro; MSQRD

The anticipated list of TOP Trending Games was revealed by Google at the end of the previous year with Pokémon Go leading the chart, followed by Clash Royale, Traffic Rider,, Dream League Soccer.

If you’ve been following the latest development on Google Store and at this point you’re already trying to predict the next top picks, it’s time to place your bets, ladies and gentlemen, as we’re about to do just that. By the end of January 2017 Google named the next trending apps: CNN, Edjing, Dubsmash, Aqua Alert, Learn Chinese.

As of Feb, 4th App Annie’s statistics shows the majority of the already familiar apps. Fire Emblem Heroes, the #1 app, published by Nintendo has taken the Overall charts by a storm in various countries, including the US, Japan, Canada and France.

Pokémon GO is still a massive hit in South Korea while WhatsApp slays its competitors in Switzerland, Russia, Singapore, Argentina and India.

China, being an exceptionally lucrative market for Android developers, whose app users’ demand contributed to 26.5% share governed by Tools category, is also a great location for the second biggest section of News and Magazines (5.9%), Education (5.1%) and Personalization (4.5%).

Market Comparison

TOP Non-Gaming Grossing apps: Netflix, Tinder, Spotify Music

TOP Gaming Apps: Mobile Strike, Clash Royale, Game of War - Fire AGe, Candy Crash Saga

Last year’s leader, Snapchat, has left TOP 5 lists in a number of countries, including Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden, etc. We know that this could be due to the power of advertising and Snapchat’s current attention to specific regions, which may explain a decline in the app’s popularity. It’s quite common to see big brand apps put a temporary hold on their ad campaigns to then make a comeback and regain control over the digital market through new features and improved in-app experience.

For the proud owners of Shopping apps, the year 2017 isn’t promising to be any kinder than the previous couple of years. If you’re up for the challenge, you’ll have to make your way through the brands that are now deeply rooted into our subconsciousness with the beloved old timers, like Amazon, Wish and Letgo. Let’s imagine that you’ve made success out of your campaign and your app has covered a wide audience and become a startup superstar, there’s still a lot to consider as across platforms and markets only a tiny fraction is dedicated to E-Commerce apps. For instance, US: iOS - 5.7% / Android - 4.5%; UK: iOS - 3.9% / Android - 3.8%; Germany: iOS - 4.4% / Android - 4.5%.

The smallest Android apps share found across TIER1 can serve as an indicator of the available potential and struggles associated with an attempt to venture for recognition. In the USA such category became Comics - 0.2%, France has shown least interest in Personalization, Sports, Books and Reference - 0.9%, Denmark is unforgiving to House and Home, Medical - 0.2%

Switching to iOS hasn’t revealed any drastic surprises and the statistics goes as follows: USA, Medical - 0.3%, three categories showed up for France: Medical, Weather and Catalogs - 0.4% and Denmark still doesn’t feel the need to invest much time in Medical apps - 0.4%

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