SXSW 2014


It is difficult to assume what Bugsy Siegel would say about his brainchild - Vegas city, if he knew that it would soon become one of the major hotspots for tech events, tradeshows and conferences! Located in the heart of the desert, Vegas was and continues to be a gambling paradise and hub for major events!

SouthWest Music Conference Festival (SXSW) is holding their second annual conference! This is the spot for creative industries, startups, innovators and entrepreneurs to get together and see how they can innovate as a whole. Industries including technology, music, film, fashion, health, education, sustainability and more, gather to learn new skills, make connections and find inspiration to take their ideas to the next level.

Check out photos from the first day to get a feel for what the interactive event was like:

Don’t miss “Make An Impact” session by Ari Horie today at 10-11am PDT! You can also follow this event on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook.

The full schedule is available here:

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