Step Aside Smartwatch, Activity Tracker is Stepping in


The beloved smartwatch will need to watch out as the activity tracker is making a boisterous arrival. ABI Research has recently reported that activity trackers are leading sales of wearable devices.

Who needs a watch when we carry our phones with us like they are our children?

With Fitbit in first place and Samsung’s Gear Fit sliding into a close second, activity trackers have overtaken the watches in this race. The intense competition will only continue to heighten. Jawbone’s UP Band, Misfit and Nike’s Fuelband are a few competitors to watch closely.

These increasingly popular activity trackers will help users lose weight, increase physical activity and increase overall health. Activity trackers are (basically) the twice-removed cousin of those ancient pedometers we all used to know and love. They go way beyond just tracking how many steps are made throughout a day. The activity trackers are much more intelligent and take accuracy to a whole new level, helping users to resolve health and wellness issues (like insomnia) and reach fitness goals.

Whatever your health goals may be, there is an activity tracker out there for you. On a good day, they can be a cheerleader, telling you of how awesomely active/productive you’ve been. Sadly, they can also remind you of how lazy you have been. (Which, in of itself, might be just the proverbial kick in the butt you need to get off the couch and out the front door to leverage the gorgeous summer weather to your favor in pursuit of your health goals.)

~Abby Cin, PR Writer

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