SK Telecom Making Big Moves for 5G and LTE-Advanced Technology


This week, executive vice president and head of SK Telecom’s ICT R&D division was put in the hot seat. Alex Jinsung Choi sat down in a recent interview with FierceWirelessTech to discuss the future of his company, and he nails it!

The South Korean mobile communications market is one of the largest and most advanced across the globe. So there is no surprise here that Choi is eager to discuss the company’s next plans of total impact in the mobile communications realm. SK Telecom is currently the innovator in mobile service providers, so in order to keep the company on its toes, they have to figure out a way to implement the most relevant and cutting-edge technologies.

The company has recently authorized major deals with Ericsson, who is the world leader in the environment of communications technology. They provide equipment, software and services to mobile and fixed network operators from one end of the world to the other. SK has also signed a deal with Nokia, the home to eco-friendly and ethical mobiles devices and technology.

Tammy Parker, an editor at FierceWirelessTech, performed an email question and answer session with Choi in hopes of deliberating on the future for LTE-Advanced and 5G. The leader talks about the difficulties the company faced while preparing to commercialize the LTE-advanced network. One challenge was being able to match the coverage of two very different carriers to give off stable data transmission at twice the amount of speed played a huge issue that they were able to work around, according to Choi.

An unbelievable statistic that Parker got out of the intriguing interview was that as of May 2014, 3.5 million users out of 15 million LTE customers are using CA-capable devices, according to Choi. This is an enormous deal when thinking about CA-capable devices in the market. The company is hoping to introduce more devices to the market this year.

In terms of LTE-advanced features, SK Telecom has implemented way more than anyone could imagine as of today. Features included are CoMP (coordinated multi-point) and eICIC (enhance inter-cell interface). Both these features, in the most simple terms, improve mobile quality overall.

The successful Q&A session with Choi ended in a very positive light, discussing the foreseeable future of the company. Choi suggests for LTE and LTE-Advanced technologies, his company will make sure of much faster data rate and stable service. In terms of 5G, his company will work to identify core technologies that will become the next generation network. Choi looks at his company to completely recharge and reimagine how the future of technology will look. The industry goes on to discuss how the company will better service and customer experience. The company will also better networking performance and operational excellence.

To read more about what Choi has to say on the future on his ever changing and quickly growing company, check out the fascinating article on FierceWirelessTech. It will be interesting to see how the future of 5G and LTE-Advanced technology takes over our mobile world.

~Abby Cin, PR Writer

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