Remember Twitter App Cards? Benefit from them!


Earlier in our blog we wrote about the power of Facebook Ads in increasing of app installs. This time we’d like to talk about the other no less significant player in the mobile advertising - Twitter. Because this small bird can spread the news about your application far away and raise the wave of tweeting around the globe. Especially when in the the beginning of September Twitter has announced the expanding of its self-service ads platform from 33 to over 200 countries! Since 80% of Twitter’s users access the platform from a mobile device, mobile application developers have a hilarious chance to reach a relevant audience without any location barriers.

So being inspired with these positive news we’ve decided to refresh in memory some valuable attributes of well known Twitter App Cards that can effectively boost app installs and engagement you can use the App Card. It allows with one single tweet give users a preview of your app image, interact with call to action and see its ratings in the app store. Moreover you can test and learn the best approach by launching various campaigns that include different images and calls to action to find the most effective combination that brings the most of clicks. The great thing about the App Cards is that they lead right on the Google Play or Apple App Store so user can download your app immediately.

App Cards are based on cost-per-click pricing model so you pay only for real clicks. You can set up daily and total budgets to control your spending while running ads. Measuring the results you can define the optimal price and optimize your bid to get the higher level of installs for lower price. This feature is particularly useful when you have a small budget and run Twitter Cards for the first time, so you can’t be afraid for extra spendings.

Also with the Campaigns dashboard you can track and analyze such metrics as the number of times users see your Tweets, the number of times users instal/open your app, and your cost-per-click (CPC) for better understanding of user’s behaviour while interacting with your ads.

When you develop an application you probably imagine the concrete portrait of the person that will use it, other words you have an ideal user in your mind. With Twitter targeting option and geographical coverage it’s easy to cover the right audience you want to reach. With a specific Keyword option you can even reach people while they are searching by chosen keywords!

To help you see App Cards in action here are some examples of how and why other companies use them to drive installs and engagement:

  • Aceable: An educational app that drives installs among their target demographic.
  • JackThreads: A men’s fashion retailer reaches its core audience and boost installs of a mobile app.
  • LOVOO: The LOVOO mobile app drives downloads and in-app registrations.
  1. Twitter is becoming a powerful tool for boosting app installs and engagement, its App Cards are making much more easier for app developers to interact with their users. You definitely should try it, because one small tweet can grow in a real media boom around your application!
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