New Amazon Fire Phone: Good or Bad? We’ll Let You Decide


When it comes to technology, there is the good, the bad and the ugly. When dealing with Amazon, it is usually the good - though some tend to disagree when it boils down to their new smartphone, Amazon Fire Phone.

In a recent report by Gigaom, the new smartphone device is basically a smaller version of Amazon’s Kindle Fire HDX tablet. The only difference, of course, is that it makes phone calls, sends texts and fits right in your back pocket. Let’s take a look at some of the features that make Amazon’s new smartphone stand above the rest and what features hinder its success.

We shall start with the smartphone’s physical appearance. The Fire Phone has a 4.7-inch screen, which sounds great but unfortunately has a bit lower resolution in comparison to Apple, Samsung or any other smartphones in the market right now. Luckily for Amazon, to the naked eye, you really can’t see much of a difference.

In terms of the screen, what is a smartphone user’s worst nightmare? The second that all-glass phone slips out of your hand/pocket and smacks on the concrete, shattering in a million pieces. Well, Amazon is here to change all of that because both the front and back of the phone are made of hard-to-break Gorilla Glass and all of its edges are rubberized. The phone is a bit heavy but feels nice in the palm of your hand. According to Yahoo! Tech, it is substantial but is not nearly as slim or sculpted as other smartphones.

The feature that people are talking about is the new ‘Dynamic Perspective’ feature - the four front corners of the phone have cameras. Is this a miniature paparazzi in the palm of your hand? Supposedly it looks cool and is very useful in certain games make specifically for the phone.

Another generously highlighted feature is the Fire’s ‘Mayday’ feature, a one-touch, live video chat with Amazon tech-support to help you out with anything you may have questions about.

‘Firefly’ is an additional feature that comes with Amazon’s new smartphone. This feature is basically a spin off of other smartphone scanning features, allowing you to take a picture of anything and the phone will recognize and find information for what you need or where to find that object - seems like a way to get you to buy stuff on Amazon which is not a bad idea for the company.

Maybe this dynamic Amazon Fire Smartphone is just another way to get people more involved on Amazon? There is clearly a particular market for this smartphone - Amazon Prime customers. It will be interesting to see if this new smartphone crashes to the bottom or rises to the top!

~Abby Cin, PR Writer

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