Most common mistakes made in mobile marketing


The more mistakes we make, the more experience we gain. Otherwise, how do we understand functionality of any process? In this article, we’ve collected top 9 most frequent mistakes made by marketers and their partners in mobile marketing.

In our cruel time, marketers are trying so hard to stay afloat and promote the brands (at the same time) in a variety ways that they haven't noticed how they make common mistakes. Why does that happen? Well, because we all can make errors in any stage of project lifecycle (business plan creation, campaign launch, promotion, etc.).

On the other hand, mistakes often lead to success. Performance marketers often use methods that can play a hand or bottle it. So, let’s start the party and describe some pitfalls that can play a fatal role in mobile marketing.

Go overboard with changes

All marketing channels work on particular algorithms that are aimed to achieve the best results based on ad behavior patterns. Any algorithm has its logistics that allows to calculate the right amount of spend and approximate ROI level.


Making changes too fast leads to disruption of work, and marketers can receive the wrong amount of data and overpays. Making many changes in the algorithms takes off the power to evaluate whether to promote the campaign or not.

Underrate the power of creative

Business dictionary defines marketing as a system that is based on identification of customer needs and their satisfaction. You can attract new clients and increase the loyalty with the help of advertising. Otherwise, how will you explain to customers that your brand is awesome? Well thought out creative plays a huge role: it attracts users, increases loyalty to the product or service and extends visibility of the brand.

The main task is not to produce hundreds of creatives to reach (at least) several dozed of users, but to produce several creatives to reach hundreds of users. Attract not by quantity but quality. This approach will have a positive effect on ROI.


With the help of advertising marketers can measure campaign effectiveness, see what works in a creative better (colors, content, specific elements), receive a clear understanding of uploaded creative impact on KIPs, and understand the audience reaction.

Utilization of AI can facilitate analysis of used video, pictures, concepts, and content. AI also can make out winning elements in the creative and show those elements that should be optimized or replaced.

Use of obtrusive mobile advertising

One of the latest and most popular features of Apple mobile operating system is an option that allows iPhone user to block the ads. This feature gave a second wind to Apple, ad-blockers soared to the top of the app charts, showing that users are fed up with annoying mobile ads.

If earlier the ad had some effect, today you will not meet support from users. Tumblr co-founder Marco Arment also tried to launch the app ad-blocking system. He called the ads and behavioral tracking creepy things that annoy, insecure, and get worse at an alarming pace. Mobile ads are the most abused ones.

Later Marco Arment lifted the ban on advertising because each ad needs a special individual verification. After a series of ad-blocking programs, publishers and other affiliates started complaining because blocking of the ad had deprived them of vital advertising revenues (needed to maintain their free content).

Cases of this kind showed that marketers have to rethink their approach to mobile advertising and use fewer annoying ads. After GDPR enforcement, marketers have to respect the right to privacy of every user. Today, advertising production stays next to the art. It is important to leave a mark (memories) in a few seconds, this is the art.

Using the wrong data

What is the biggest source of data today? We all know the answer, it’s mobile. Certainly, mobile communication became the largest source of digital data collection.

Data has a big importance in digital marketing. It shows how to move forward with ads and what the marketer needs to focus on. 33% of marketers claim that engaging the right customers is most important in reaching their marketing goals in the next three years. But don’t think you can check every data manually. Modern business demands speed and quality.


You may ask, how can this be achieved? Easy, the solution lies on SaaS platforms and affiliate networks. They allow advertisers to collect all the data at one place, track the performance and manage the project without extra costs.

The platforms ensure consistent data collection across your entire business ecosystem. This will help you with data accuracy.

Presume that every channel will perform the same

There are some marketers who believe that successful ad automatically goes from one channel to another. And therefore, there is no need to interact with multiple platforms. Of course, it’s not true. Every channel hosts a different format and a different audience.

Today marketers demand more dedicated time to each channel. Creative assets can work well in one channel and worsein other. It is important to test every track separately. This method will provide you with a good understanding of the platform functionality and which one approaches you best.

If you want to be one step ahead of your competitors then localize each channel and format into one platform with a multi-channel approach.

Inability to educate your target audience

Most of the marketers pay attention to mobile marketing strategy and forget to inform or educate their customers on how to participate in the campaign. Don’t wait for a miracle that everyone will understand your idea without any explanation and start using your app.

While you’ll be waiting for them to know about your brilliant promotion, your competitors will educate the customers and take on your clients. What you have to do is to provide the users with information about the benefits and features of your product or service.

They have to see the reviews, get the brand information or access to any available service. The best way to share new information with your clients is to launch a campaign through SMS, social media platforms, mobile ads.


The educational campaign will bring to your target audience information about the product benefits. Step two. Make sure that creative and its contents are timely and consistent with current trends.

Summarizing the above, whether it’s a call to action, a launch of new product or app download, your target audience has to get clear information about all your new releases.

Ignoring importance of the call to action button

A bad call to action can set your audience against you. When users don’t understand your messages they just leave your page or app. This world is so confused without your insuperable messages.

A call to action has the aim to persuade a customer to write a review, sign up, download, pay, etc. It is also a very important way to increase conversion rates. By the way, buttons like “buy now”, “click or tap here” will do little benefit to your visitors. Use your imagination more (you can do better).

Your call to action has to be simple and exact in meaning, and (it’s extremely important) the button should be appropriate to both the action and the landing page. An effective mobile marketing strategy embraces all the aspects of how mobile can help to boost your brand visibility.

Failure with mobile optimization launch

Everything revolves around the comfort of users. The more convenience you give to your users, the more profit you’ll have. One of the biggest mistakes in marketing is when owners send visitors to a desktop version of their site. And it's so awkward.

Others think that passing off the mobile version of their sites will give the same functionality. Ignoring the ultimate mobile experience with your site you lose your potential clients.

Deal with it, providing a mobile version of your site to the audience opens opportunities for further interaction. When users work on the small screen they focus on one particular thing. Mobile version allows showing users what is profitable for you.

Cut out extra content and features to discover what draws the audience attention more. A simple structure of navigation, quick page load time, and brief content will indicate the solidity of your brand.

Blurring the difference between campaign and test

It’s hard to be as organized as possible when it comes to campaign management. At this stage marketers have to decide whether or not it’s an evergreen campaign.


If for the first time Evergreen campaign doesn’t show high scores, don’t worry, you just have to wait a while. These campaigns had already proven effectiveness so you can increase the amount of time to promote.

Tests manifest in a different way. They should be valued from the experience received. It’s recommended to cap testing budget by 20%. We don’t say that using these campaigns lead to failure. They are riskier, but you can get the result.

Marketers always can be stuck with menial tasks (small tasks that can be done automatically). Irrational distribution of tasks and time leads to making mistakes in marketing. In reality, lots of routine tasks can be automated.

Many specialists leave some job to the AI and free the time for testing new features and trying new ideas. Those marketers who can use the help of new technologies receive more success because they don’t focus on routine tasks and constantly are searching for new opportunities and upgrades. Reasonable use of new technologies and a rational view on your business drive to development and permanent income.

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