Mobile App UX tendencies 2018: what to expect?


The high quality of any mobile application is not only about an interesting idea. Users should like the process of interaction with your app or game. That is when the user experience (UX) really matters.

When it is easy and uninterrupted people have fun working with the digital invention. This creates a kind of mobile app inspiration. Users are more likely to share your product via social media platforms, tell their friends about it. Thus, your app can become a real hit.

Mobile App UX as one of your marketing strategies

Working on a design of the mobile application you should keep an eye on the latest trends. Digital technologies are developing rapidly. They are often reflected in new features of mobile applications.

So, look at the tendencies listed below. Maybe, they will help you to improve your promotional program.


In the world with large volumes of information processing speed is becoming increasingly important. Mobile users want to spend minimal efforts to achieve their goals when interacting with apps.

Our task is to make the process easier.

Linear design experience

This is a kind of UX when an individual can perform one action after another, know how much time each action takes, see the beginning, the process in the middle, and the end of a certain task. One of the examples is the principle implemented in Uber when you order a taxi.

New devices require new approach to animation

The release of new smartphones leads to the necessary changes in the app design. Most of the devices imply gesture-based interactions. To solve this issue designers try to add more animated hints, different short text instructions.

Gestural interfaces have their peculiarities. We need to take them into account when developing an app design. Remember the usability of the invention. It can impact the user’s decision.

Gestures provide new opportunities to express the user’s attitude. People do not need to tap on the ‘like’ icon. You can draw a ‘heart’ on the screen with your finger if you like the app content.

Remove unnecessary elements

Mobile UX research demonstrates the cutting edge of an app design. That is a simplification. Designers try to eliminate irrelevant things and all stuff that negatively influences the comprehension of the app content. We need to deliver clear messages. A Call to Action button deserves special attention. It must be noticeable, and appealing. Designers often use contrasting colors for this.

Color as functionality

Bright colors are used not only for a design creation but for improving the functionality of the mobile app. We can highlight different types of notifications with a help of rich pallet.

Emotional Intelligence

People now can share emotions via their portable devices. The implementation of EI (Emotional Intelligence) technologies makes it real. It helps to increase user engagement. Thus, face-recognition based technique Animoji allows us to use variously animated emoticons. They can reflect facial expressions of users with the help of a camera.

Final Thoughts

App developers and marketers always follow new trends in the mobile world. Digital technologies make our lives easier. That also changes the way we interact with mobile apps. Many experts predict that UX will become more and more personalized. It should take into account differences and peculiarities of each person. That is the way to more delightful and engaging app usage. It can bring business owners more revenues.

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