Mobile App Advertising projections for 2018


The digital tech is developing rapidly. Consumers become more demanding. Making successful mobile application requires more sophisticated approach. That’s why marketers try to re-examine their strategies, find new ways of promotion.

Monitoring trends in mobile app industry is an essential part of any advertising campaign. Business owners have to follow new tendencies to acquire quality customers and gain revenues.

Below you will find some predictions in mobile app marketing for this year.

Acquisition vs retention

Focusing on the quantity rather than quality is one of the main issues for app developers. The primary goal for any entrepreneur is the building of a user base. However, the number of downloads cannot be the guarantee of success. Many people abandon mobile applications soon after install. That’s why it is important to work on the user engagement and retention.

Invest not only in customer acquisition. Think over the efficiency of an ad campaign. To increase loyalty you should study your customer’s expectations, their needs. At first, define clearly the value of your app for users. What can you offer? What problem does your invention solve?

Develop the methods for the churn prevention. Keep the users interested in the app. Use push-notifications, regular updates, create an exclusive content. Improve the user experience and your app design. To retain customers marketers work in all directions.

Livestream video

Livestream video is quickly gaining popularity. People like visual content. It captures the audience’s attention, helps to deliver the message more successfully. Experts predict that Livestream videos will account for 78% of the overall mobile traffic. So, this type of content should be in the focus of attention of mobile app owners.

Augmented Reality

AR is the engaging way of interaction with customers. This trend can be successfully implemented in different app categories (e-commerce, gaming apps, traveling, real estate etc.)

Virtual and Augmented Reality elements enrich the in-app experience, keep the user’s interest and motivate them to open an application over and over. That’s the way to improve your brand recognition and mobile advertising technique.

Native advertising

Native ads are types of promotional materials that look like the surrounding app environment. These advertisements are more efficient than banners and interstitials. They do not distract users. People are more willing to share native ads via social media channels. It quickly creates the word of mouth effect. That’s why native advertising is the best channel of quality customers.

Better UX

The improvement of user experience is another trend in digital marketing. People become more demanding. They want the apps that load faster. They also seek easy onboarding and seamless interaction with your invention. Otherwise, users will leave and try to find a better mobile application.

Artificial Intelligence

AI technologies have been implemented in many mobile applications. Marketing specialists predict that this tendency will continue in the future. Artificial Intelligence provides a wonderful opportunity to create smarter apps. This tech can be applied to medicine, customer service, engineering, and other industries. It helps to offer more personalized in-app experience.

Bottom Line

Mobile app marketing world is rapidly changing. That’s why developers and advertisers should follow all emerging trends and try to adjust their strategies to the new situation. It is important to focus on user engagement, be more creative when building an ad campaign. Never forget the power of innovations, such as video and native ads, Virtual or Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence.

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