Mobile Advertising: Has it Really Taken Off Yet?


A fair share of advertisers would say that mobile advertising has grown to entirely new levels, Nielsen has shockingly reported that it hasn’t even come close to reaching its full potential. Due to the pre-maturity of it, the efficacy of mobile advertising is not measured to its greatest ability - mobile is still a newborn baby.

Mobile advertising is so incredibly new in our society that companies are a bit confused about how to best capture it. While the number of mobile device users immensely increases every single day, the differences in technology mean that marketers cannot use the best advertising practices for mobile that they do for television and/or online advertising. This seems to be the biggest pain for these mobile marketers. Everything would be a lot easier if advertising were universal and the same practices were done the same way for each outlet - life is rough!

In order for mobile advertising to continue to prosper and grow, Nielsen reports that marketers need to pair mobile advertising with other mediums and focus mainly on branding that gives rise to advertisers’ biggest mobile pain points.

Beyond this news on mobile advertising, Nielsen predicts a few ideas for the future of mobile, a few of these predictions as listed:

Spending on mobile brand initiatives will grow faster than spending on direct response initiatives in 2014. 21% of advertisers will increase their mobile brand spend by more than 20% in 2014. Advertisers are increasingly using mobile advertising as an integrated, cross-platform tactic, and are running it in conjunction with other online (90%) and offline media (80%). Marketers would “prefer to use the exact same metrics used in the offline medium, and additional metrics specific to the mobile medium” to measure their mobile campaigns (39%).

Check out this Nielsen report to dig deeper into Nielsen’s predictions. Mobile is on the road to becoming a mainstream advertising medium. All of this information on Nielsen’s report is what will be the future in growth of mobile brand advertising - curious to see what the matured future of mobile advertising looks like!

~Abby Cin, PR Writer

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