Key features of the appealing Mobile App


When designing a mobile app it is essential to make your invention user-friendly and attractive to customers. App features are very important. In this post, we’ll define all characteristics of successful applications.

Integration with Social Media Platforms

We can hardly imagine our daily lives without social media. They are main sources of news, places for communication and information-sharing. So, the best idea is to integrate your app with different social sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. You can easily find your potential customers there. Social networks provide marketers with a wonderful opportunity to create a word-of-mouth effect for a new digital product. If your invention is exclusive, has an interesting concept, it may quickly become a great hit.

Consumer Feedback

Think over the system of interaction with app users. If you get the customer’s feedback you have chances to improve your project. Find out the user’s opinion. What do they think about an app? How to make it better? Sending you feedback directly from the mobile device is the best idea, in this case.

Possibilities for Customization

One of the main features of a successful app is its customization. People want to change colors, fonts, etc. That allows them to avoid boredom, makes a digital product more interesting and appealing. Customizable apps are more popular and can bring its owners larger revenues.

Offline Capability

A lot of applications cannot be used without the Internet access. However, sometimes it would be appropriate to add such feature. If people can work with an application offline they will keep interested in your invention for a long time. What parts of your app can be used without connection to the online network?


Try to add emotions to your app. Users should have fun when interacting with your invention, otherwise, they will get bored. Experienced marketers recommend incorporating some elements of gamification. You may add contests, competitions, quizzes, etc. The idea will depend on the app category, preferences of your audience.

Use Push Notifications

Sending messages allows app owners to keep the users informed about all updates, news, bonuses, events. That is the best way to increase engagement. However, keep in mind that such notifications should be relevant. Don’t overdo it. Avoid irritating and disturbing messages.

Compatibility with different platforms

The main goal for any entrepreneur is not just customer acquisition but retention of existing users. In both cases, it would be great to make your app running on various platforms (Android, iOS, Blackberry). That will help you to enlarge the user base, attract more consumers.

Test your invention to make sure it works well on different types of platforms. Make your app more popular.

The last but not the least

There are many app features that make your product attractive for the targeted audience. If you want to promote some goods or services with the help of a mobile application it is necessary to incorporate an appropriate mobile payment system. Users can make purchases through their portable devices.

The main characteristics of a successful app are simplicity, security, regular updates, feedback, social media integration, and ability to run on various platforms. What other useful features can you add to this list? Share your thoughts.

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