Keep Your Information Safe: Security in Mobile Development


Newspaper Headline: (Insert your company name) Suffers From Major Security Breach.

OUCH! If you do not want your company to be the next featured headline in the papers due to a security breach of customer information, you should probably read what columnist Michael Shields of SD Times has to say about it.

Sizable companies such as Delta Air Lines, Starbucks, Pandora Media, Target and many others have been hit hard this year with major security breaches consisting of the release of private customer information. Shields discusses the top 10 non-technical security issues in mobile app development today. A closer look at a few of those issues may surprise you:

Developers are not properly incentivized to write secure code, making them careless in some instances.

Developers do not understand the nuances between mobile and general application architectures and security.

Mobile development security is under-resourced and overburdened.

Proper mobile security entails much more than just figuring out what went wrong to cause the most recent company threat. The recipe to mobile app security success relies on a combination of people, processes and technology all working together.

Security and privacy issues have taken a toll on customer trust and confidence of new mobile apps. In addition to this, the company’s reputation and revenue are also at risk. It is exceptionally difficult for companies to recover from such serious threats.

First impressions count for a great deal – and consumer companies, this applies to you! It is hard to generate customers in the first place and even more difficult to gain back the trust and loyalty of your customers once it is lost. So always remember, to develop secure mobile apps from the start – after all, the best defense is a good offense

~Abby Cin, PR Writer

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