IMS 2019: impressions, thoughts, memories


This year, GOWIDE team had a privilege to spend several June days on the Mediterranian Sea, attending Israel Mobile Summit, a well-known and highly awaited event catering to mobile advertising industry players. We arrived in Tel-Aviv on June 12th, fully geared to:

  • Learn about innovations in mobile marketing,
  • Get inspired with new ideas, and
  • Meet and greet new people to expand our already impressive network even further.

The conference is known to be a place that brings together industry leaders, experts, and startups from around the world. According to organizers, this year the biggest accent was made on networking. They’ve planned engagement for everyone. Presenters from the mobile ecosystem, entrepreneurs, app developers, game publishers, ad networks, and others were involved in networking.

We’ve planned to meet partners and customers to speak about business opportunities. We were expected to have a conversation with known marketing professionals and listened to speakers about the future changes in mobile marketing.

The conference was good for networking and meetups. All the time at the conference we’ve spent discussing future plans with our partners. However, this year summit couldn’t surpass or stay at the same level as the last year conference.

Unfortunately, the expo area was a little scarce. There were few booths and startups (about 30 booths and 12 startups). Most of them were for ad tech solution providers and software development companies. And only 10 booths were about CPA and RTB.

Plans to do

In former times, IMS was one of the most influential mobile events in EMEA. Though, this year's summit was a bit weaker by the organization than last year. We saw that CPA field has hard times, and this is a mark to change something. Marketing world is changing, and it’s very important to catch this train. Nowadays programmatic and RTB gain power.

This year we plan to start working with Real Time Bidding (RTB). Nowadays RTB industry is on the rise because of programmatic advertising that continues to gain steam. AbsoluteReports forecasted that more than a 20% growth will be between now and 2020 in the US.

According to, JuniperResearch, machine learning algorithms that are employed in programmatic advertising to enable more efficient bids in RTB network will generate over $42 billion in annual advertising revenue by 2021.

As you can see, there is no time to give up, it’s time to act. We still have a lot of emails and Skype talks to do in the upcoming weeks to get the most out of the meetings we held at IMS. And we still hope that organizers will make changes to stay in demand in the following years. We wish good luck to IMS and hope they will cope with changes in the world of marketing.

As you know, marketing world doesn’t stay idle, it evolves and changes its vector all the time. This era belongs to programmatic arena, so let’s tune out to make the world better.

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