How to start with CPA marketing in 2019


CPA marketing helps advertisers and affiliates build business relationships based on a pay per action model. This model helps partners clearly understand what was being paid for (we mean provided services) and get rid of most questions which arise from beginners (payment, interests, profit, revenue, etc.)

Why CPA marketing?

So, you probably heard about CPA marketing and how it works, and you decided to dig deeper. CPA can be an attractive business model for newbies who just get started with performance ads as well as pros.

CPA can bring you unlimited offers, regular income, high ROI. What more, oh, just a pinch of consumer interest, and flexibility to promote any offer you liked.


Although CPA marketing is very attractive, often marketers don’t reach the desired plan. CPA model demands a lot of work, planning, and analysis. In this sphere, competition can be cruel, and without proper preparation you can find yourself in deep waters.

But, don’t panic in advance.

Cost-per-action is a really cool thing for beginners because it has a low entry barrier. To start, you don’t need a website or app to send traffic from. It’s enough to find a suitable for you and your policy network.

CPA marketing in mobile

СPA payment model looks like other performance models that are oriented on mobile offers and businesses targeting mobile web. Mobile marketing is one of the most popular marketing areas. Users like to purchase different stuff online using mobile. Over 62% of smartphone users buy on the Internet.

Clients flow allows marketers to raise their forces with the help of CPA campaigns. A CPA campaign can reach potential customers and effect their key decision. A chance to reach the goal quickly leads to the growth of mobile advertising networks.

These networks can help with the audience engagement and with the content (that will help to draw the attention of the audience). This ability will be useful for advertisers and even for affiliates. Networks simplify the way of how advertisers can reach right audience and get in-app purchases.

Let’s be clear that when it comes to application promotion, the last thing advertisers want to do is to spend a lot of money on users’ attraction who just see the creative with the information about their app, probably tap on it or even install, and after all, forget about the app. In this case, the ROI will show low engagement rates.

CPA marketing aims to attract new customers with the purpose of building long-term relationships. It is harder yet effective. CPA marketing allows advertisers and affiliates to analyze how people engage with their apps after the install, help developers to understand what updates they have to bring in, and what customers are interested in when they are choosing a product or service.

A study from VentureBeat shows that despite the fact that CPI models are chosen more often, CPA is more efficient. The problem is that most of the users that are coming through the CPI program are astonishingly low-valued. CPA is swinging slowly, but it brings much higher and better income.

How does CPA marketing work?

There are well-known CPA networks that are able to control the whole process. Merchants or CPA offer creators submit their product or service to CPA networks, and those networks promote the offers via CPA marketers.

They pay a fixed amount of money for each offer. The payment depends on how much the merchant has invested. The work of marketers includes browsing the offers and choosing them to promote.

So, where to begin the entry into CPA marketing?

CPA allows getting high payouts from advertisers and encourages to generate higher quality traffic. So, first of all, find your edge, your top, your goal. Finding some unique ways will help you differ from your competitors. Find new untapped traffic sources so you can be the first to market.

Many people prefer to start the day or business with a cup of coffee. We advise you to start working in CPA marketing with research.

Start thinking about your customer and how to serve the ads.

Start the campaign by asking yourself:

What problem does the customer have?

How can the offer you took help the user?

Why should they install this app?

Thinking this way will help you do your job well. We’ll consider step by step how to start a CPA marketing in 2019.

Step1. Find and join a CPA network

We’ve already mentioned this obligation, but let’s elaborate. When you’re just a newbie in CPA marketing, you put in the first place how friendly the network is with a straightforward application process.


When you start working with new networks, always be honest about your expectations. Choose the network with flexible payment options and a great affiliate manager. Find out how does the affiliate manager manifest himself.

Find optimal for you trackers. This is more relevant for advertisers and networks, but if the affiliate wants to control the traffic flow, he can also use the help of tracker.

Good CPA network can help you get the volume you need, have a positive ROI and became a super-duper affiliate. Here you can see the best CPA affiliate networks. made a list of host affiliate networks that allow publishers to receive good revenue. Read more about what to learn before heading to affiliate CPA advertising.

Step2. Choose the offers

Next your move, after choosing the network, is to find suitable for you offers. It’s really important to choose the best offer that will meet your expectations (about actions and pay for them). Choose the offers carefully.

For example, when you go to the supermarket to buy something for you, do you take any box or package from the stand, or review all the offers, read the composition and after put into your basket? Pre-detailed consideration of the products or services before the choice says about your responsibility.


Promote offers you like or have some emotional connection, it will work in your favor more than promoting something just for the payout. The better you know the offer, the more audience you can reach, and correspondingly, the higher payment you receive.

Step3. Test

Remember one thing — test everything! Before you start making profits in CPA, it is very important to research the market. Analyze on your own before promoting an offer.

Affiliate networks sell ad space to affiliates to help them run the ad campaign.

The traffic source should satisfy in the following features:

- The cost

- Amount of available traffic

- Restrictions and rules

- Quality

- Targeting tools

- Audience

There are different ways to reach users on mobile marketing: banners, pop-up advertising, push notifications, native ads, redirects, etc. If the affiliate specializes on banner ads, then he will choose the corresponding offer. Choose the offers based on your objective power as the affiliate.

There are thousands of CPA networks. You’ll find out that some of them will convert much better than others (just test them). Testing means spend little advertisement budget and see the profitability of CPA offer and marketing technique to use.

All you have to do is just experiment, track and optimize the offer until you find a winning formula.

CPA marketing benefits

There are two reasons why CPA marketing is recommended rather than other types of online advertising. The first reason is that CPA has a profitable value chain. The marketing value chain consists of a CPA network, an ad network, product owner, affiliate, etc.


Each of the parts of the chain plays a very important role, CPA marketing highlights each part. The second reason is that CPA helps business owners save their time and money, by integrating advertising strategy. CPA payment model garanty the result for advertisers and affiliates.

As for money gain, the CPA pricing model is higher paid because it doesn’t matter if the user saw the ad or if the consumer makes the action: install, tap on the banner and goes to app page, subscribe, etc.

2019 is already on the threshold and knocking on the door. The year promises to bring a lot of changes, but will there be a resonance in marketing? 2018 brought the regulations of data protection. Therefore, data collecting will continue to be controlled in the coming year. Another sphere connected with the AI and machine learning will expand the opportunities in advertising and will bring a good profit for all the parties, the main thing is not to be afraid of starting.

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