How to increase the engagement of mobile app users


The main goals of any digital marketer are brand awareness and brand engagement. And if it is clear that brand awareness is the first step, the engagement of customers requires more attention.

When you create a new application, you try to focus on the user acquisition at first. You can apply for CPA Network and get tons of mobile traffic in a short period of time.

However, the high competition on the mobile market often leads to the outflow of users. People abandon applications after install if they find something more interesting.

So, let’s try to define what advertising strategies can prevent this. How to make consumers engaged with your invention?

Why is it important?

Those developers and business owners who can keep their audience interested for a long time have a lot of benefits: higher rankings, larger revenues, and the rapid expansion of the brand. To succeed in your mobile app business you need to track Retention rate. It helps a marketer to estimate how many customers are satisfied with the product and ready to work with it.

This metric demonstrates the value of your enterprise. You can see how your app performs, whether people really want to use it. The objective is to increase the Retention rate.

The best tips

Study the following ideas on how to retain mobile app users. Remember, they are not miracle drugs. You may need a new remedy in the course of time. Take into account the evolution of the digital advertising industry, new trends, and fast development of tech.

Unique value

The first and foremost, is your product or service worth it? Is it useful for people? What problems can your application solve? It is difficult to answer this question at once, especially when there are a lot of competitors. Think what can you offer that people cannot get from similar digital inventions. That’s a unique value of your app.

Pulling them back

It is necessary to envisage various techniques of getting the customers back. You can stay in touch with the audience with the help of emails, push notifications, social media platforms, etc. However, it should not be intrusive. Your messages have to be interesting, useful. Think again about the value. What can make people stay on your invention or use it again when they are going to leave?

Regularly update and improve the quality of UX

Update your app, add new features, inform the audience about all innovations. It is also important to eliminate all errors. Try to make the onboarding procedure and user experience easy, pleasant, and seamless.

Increase the user loyalty

That’s, probably, one of the most complex problems. There are different methods to motivate your customers. Try to make your product accessible, easy to use. Provide various incentives and rewards. Pay attention to personalization. Offer consumers what they really need. Get the customer’s feedback, answer all questions. Communicate with users via social media channels. Improve the quality of creatives.

Before we wrap up here, it should be mentioned that you not only have to build the user engagement but maintain it. The aim is to strengthen and develop the relationships with your brand.

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