How to improve UI and UX of a Mobile App to make it more successful?


The way people interact with your mobile application influences the business success to a large extent. The user’s attitude to the digital invention is very important. App developers should take into account usability, attractiveness of the design, and many other factors.

If a product raises negative emotions people easily abandon it. There is an abundance of mobile apps on the market. In this case, to change irritating app and replace it with a better solution is not a problem.

Below you’ll find some tips on how to improve UI and UX of your mobile application.

The Role of UI and UX in mobile application development

UI (User Interface) implies the way of communication with a software. How do users interact with the product? User Interface comprises various visual elements, navigation buttons, etc.

UX (User Experience) allows the customer to feel good when using an application or a game. To make a brilliant design it is necessary to analyze the needs and requirements of your audience. Both UI and UX must be perfect. It helps developers to ensure the application is good enough and satisfy the customer demand.

The applications that are attractive and interesting but crash often, have some errors, difficulties in loading usually fail. Some apps are very easy to use but boring. In this situation, people also leave them. The aim is to find the balance between the engaging idea and functionality. There are some rules that you should follow to achieve that goal.

The simpler the better

According to DZone, people who install a new app make up their minds whether to use it or not within the first 15 seconds. That’s why you need to think how to catch the audience’s attention and keep their interest. The app interface must be simple. The users do not need to busy their brains which button or icon to tap. They should quickly and easily find the content of the app. The fewer buttons the better. Don’t overburden your invention.

Creativity and innovations

The apps with an interesting concept that stands out from other digital products always take precedence. At the same time, developers should implement different innovations with great care. People used to some templates in mobile applications. There is no need to make things difficult. Think over the design of all buttons, icons, and navigation. Everything must be clear and recognizable. Using the library of design patterns is a good idea.

The Audience Research

Keep in mind the user expectations. Any application is developed for real people. Who are they? What are their likes and dislikes, their preferences? Ask people. That will help you to adjust the app design. Take into account the theme of your digital invention, the app category.

Surveys and forms: make them simple

Many app owners offer users various application forms, surveys and so on. The main rule, in this case, is making such forms as shorter as possible. If you add too many fields people get confused. The necessity of spending time on filling in the information required often irritates customers and distracts them. Think over the questions in the surveys that you want to offer. Make them brief and clear. Include only essential information.

To Sum it Up

The high quality of user experience is the key to your mobile app success. The design of your invention, its features, icons, and navigation have to be consistent, easy to use. The feelings of app customers are very important. Think about the attractiveness of your app for people. Try to keep them engaged.

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