How to improve the quality of app user acquisition


Development and launch of a mobile application is an exciting event for any business owner. At the same time, to make your invention a huge hit you still have a lot of work to do. One of the basic issues is the choice of approach to monetization.

Some entrepreneurs focus mainly on the number of installs. However, the user quality is more important. Let’s look into this theme.

Why does quality matter?

Many people abandon mobile apps several days after download. There is an abundance of digital products in the app stores. Mobile app users can choose any of them. Taking into account the high competition developers and marketers should pay much attention to the building of long-term strategies.

If you bet on LTV (customer lifetime value) think about the best method of user engagement. Try to keep your audience interested in your app. Constantly upgrade your user acquisition strategy. If you improve UX, add new features to your app, and communicate with customers you’ll have more chances to guarantee your invention a long life.

Plan for Improving

Here are different tips from experienced marketers on how to improve mobile app user acquisition. Try them all, experiment and find the most appropriate one.

Choose the best platform

At first, you need to pick a good service for app installs. When choosing a platform pay attention to the opportunities it provides. Thus, consider your budget, possibility to control an ad campaign, and integration with app trackers. Such self-service platform as AppBooster allows you to reach customers from any country. Sign up to get more information.

Don’t rely on incentivized installs much

Rewarded app downloads help to generate traffic quickly but these are not regular users. People can install an app in exchange for some bonuses but they are not really interested in your invention. This is not very promising, of course.

Diversify user acquisition channels

The more sources of traffic you have, the better for your revenue. Try to use different channels. Implement various analytical tools. They help you to understand what works for your digital product and what does not.

Social Media Sharing

Social networks can distribute information about your app or game very quickly. People often share interesting ideas with their friends. Besides, creating profiles on various social platforms doesn’t require great investments.

When you are active on Twitter or Facebook you can learn more about the user’s opinion. Get feedback from your customers to improve the mobile application. Expanding your brand via Social Media is one of the best ideas you should adopt.

Bottom Line

It is not easy to mention all strategies in one article. To boost the user engagement marketers also use deep linking, push notifications, emails. Experienced app owners try to improve the quality of their creatives, select the most efficient advertising formats, etc.

The key element in such approach to the increase of quality is a word of mouth. According to specialists from V-Play, the word of mouth is the most successful marketing strategy. People who are interested in an application for longer usage will rely on their friends’ recommendations. So your goal is to make your app interesting, engaging, helpful, and widely known.

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