Tips on how to buy CPI traffic from networks


There are simple ways of mobile app marketing. You can choose a free method of promotion, using just social media channels, but it is not enough. As a rule, you can get users for your mobile app, but you cannot guarantee a sufficient number of installs.

Buying quality traffic is a sure thing. In this case, you should apply for an ad network, set up a campaign in accordance with your targeting, and acquire customers. Learn more about such platforms for user acquisition, as AppBooster. You can start an ad campaign and sign up here.

The best advertising model for applications is CPI or Cost per Install. Such campaign implies placing ads on different digital media with the purpose to get more downloads. Business owners (app developers) are charged only when an invention is installed by a user. The more app installs you have the higher your product is ranked in an app store.

How to buy CPI traffic from networks: step-by-step guide

  1. Define your niche. Set a goal of your campaign. Know who your potential customers are.
  2. Choose a CPI network. You should also pick the certain number of ad networks to work with. This may be only one partner or several agencies. Be sure you can control your ad campaigns.
  3. Analyze quality of traffic sources, differentiate them and select the best ones. It helps to spend money effectively. CPI networks take together various traffic sources, so don’t judge the results by the whole agency. You need to control ID of each source individually.
  4. Decide how many app installs you are going to have per day. Set a daily cap.
  5. Do not set high CPI at once. Better to start with a lower parameter, and then increase CPI gradually. Prices for an install may differ due to the country or a kind of a mobile app.

The main rules of setting an effective CPI campaign

When targeting users pay attention to the type of apps that your audience usually installs. Find all kinds of applications similar to your product, that users may be interested in downloading. This can be traveling aps, games or medical services.

Think of the metrics to estimate users engagement. You should define the average duration of sessions within an app, the number of sessions. Analyze carefully the user’s behavior after install.

Investigate the time and sources that are the most efficient for your ad campaign. Try to answer the following questions: “When do users mostly tend to download an app?” “ Where does it take place?”

There are, in addition, a number of other equally important issues to evaluate an ad campaign. Thus, determine the number of installs you get, a number of quality users, the price for an install. Count the Average Revenue per User, and estimate user’s lifetime value (the possibility that clients would generate more revenue after a while).

Bottom line

To get more app installs and increase income app owners and marketers have to take into account a lot of factors. Keep an eye on traffic sources, make the right choice of a CPI network, constantly use analytics. All these simple rules enable you to spend budget wisely.

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