Fundamental mistakes in mobile app user acquisition


When you create a mobile application or a game the first thing you should take into account is the search for users. Where and how to acquire quality customers? There are a lot of services that help app developers to enlarge the user base for their inventions.

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Building a good user acquisition strategy is not an easy task. Some entrepreneurs face difficulties in achieving this goal.

Winning your mobile audience: common pitfalls

Let’s look at the typical errors that beginners usually make.

No Soft launch

A thorough preparation is a necessary condition for the future success. App developers need not only to think over the design but also test their digital products. Soft launching of an application helps to understand the users’ likes and dislikes, preferences. Marketers can see the real value of the invention, its value. That will outline the ways for further improvement.

Ignoring A/B tests

Each digital marketer should elaborate some standards for app growth. The main goal is to acquire the audience, keep people engaged, and increase revenues. It is impossible without proper analytics. So, run A/B tests, compare different traffic sources, try various ad formats. Such an approach allows you to find the best methods of promotion.

Forget ARPU (Average Revenue per User)

When starting an advertising campaign for an app, assess your budget. How much can you spend to make your app profitable? There are such metrics, as ARPU and LTV (the user’s lifetime value). They help to estimate your advertising costs.

Cooperation with one network

Using only one ad network for getting traffic is a great mistake. You need to try different sources and lower CPI (Cost per Install). Besides, if you are going to use one platform for a long period of time your conversion rate may decline. So, avoid saturation, set up multiple campaigns. That will guarantee profit in a long-term perspective.

Relying too much on organic downloads

Organic installs are very attractive for many app owners. However, overestimate them is not a good idea. Take into account the high competition in the mobile marketplace. Of course, it is important to improve the app rankings in the store but paid sources should be an essential part of your marketing plan.

Not segmenting your audience

That’s another typical error. Measuring the data from every app user plays the largest role in your business progress. That helps you to estimate which sources of traffic are really valuable. The ad type, type of mobile device, geographical data are all important. Divide your audience into groups. Find out what works better with each segment.

Final Thoughts

Developing your app promotional strategy you need to take into account many factors. The first launch of an app, targeting, using various platforms and networks—are those things that influence the success of your project.

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