Encouraging Mobile Advertising Ideas for St. Valentine’s Day


St. Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for digital marketers to boost user engagement. Sweethearts buy flowers and candies, get reservations at restaurants, send cards. All that romantic hassle may play into the hands of app owners.

Here are some useful tips for marketing mobile on this popular holiday. Show your app customers how much you care.

Discounts and coupons

Various incentives are essential elements of any successful mobile marketing strategy. You can offer your audience something special for the Valentine’s Day. These may be lower prices for their favorite products, different bonuses for booking services, purchasing perfumes, chocolate, etc. Think of something exclusive that can impress your customers.

When implementing incentives keep in mind the importance of proper targeting. Know your audience. Try to meet their expectations. Your goal is to win the hearts and minds of app users.

Set up contests

People love such events. That is great fun. The themes for contests may vary. They will depend on your app category (the best selfie of a happy couple, the best St.Valentine’s message, the best love songs, etc). Encourage people to join the competition for free. Think of the rewards for the winners. People can share this information via social media. That is another brilliant marketing idea.

Social Media

Try to optimize all your social network profiles for the feast. Add Valentine’s cards, use the romantic theme in mobile display advertising. Try to make brilliant creatives that can be shared by app users via social media platforms. When writing posts focus on visuals, not texts.

Include a clear call to action. Be creative, trigger and keep user’s interest. Your customers have to want to share your posts.

You cannot succeed in creating such content without precise targeting. Start with a thorough research on your customers’ needs.

Use Push notifications and be helpful

Send push notifications to your customers. Such prompting messages should be based on the user’s location. You can offer a lot of ideas for celebration (where to buy gifts, how to create a brilliant card for the partner, make the list of the best places to spend a romantic weekend, and so on).

Add value to your mobile advertising efforts. This is a kind of improvement for your application. New features in your digital invention always boost engagement. Some people will discover your app, and maybe, they will like it.

If you help users to arrange celebration or solve some problem they will become your loyal customers, and bring in new clients.

Bottom Line

Any marketer’s goal is to build a solid customer base. You can do your best to increase the loyalty of your app users. St.Valentine’s Day, as well as other holidays, provides a lot of opportunities for that. Do not throw this chance away.

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