Emerging Trends in Mobile


You would not believe this statistic, but the average American now spends seven more hours each month with their mobile phone than they did in 2013 - that is a lot of time that could be spent elsewhere! In a recent Nielsen article, emerging trends in mobile are constantly changing the way business is done in the marketing world.

Yes, the obsession with the use of mobile devices in our everyday lives has increased dramatically, but ad spend seems to not be moving in that same direction. The reason for this is due to the amount of time that people spend with mobile media not equaling out to the advertising share that the mobile world is attracting.

To put it simply, people spend more than 38 hours per month on their mobile phones and according to Nielsen’s Q1, 2014 report, mobile encompasses only about 4% of total ad spending - that is quite a significant difference.

VP Director of Media Activation & Partnership at Digitas, Raymonde Greene, makes a point that viewing sessions are much shorter these days. Apps are much easier to scroll through than desktops are - so users are spending way less time viewing these ads.

Bottom line here is that mobile advertising cannot be looked at in the same way that desktop advertising can. Marketers have to revolve the way they do business around the mobile phone. According to the article, marketers have the ability to dive into mobile advertising more confidently.

What is the key to mobilizing mobile you may ask? Greene states that marketers have to start moving mobile into their foundational strategies in order to boost key performance indicators (KPIs). This is the only way to assess exactly how an ad is performing. He also believes that solutions like Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings will become increasingly valuable in the near future.

We will continue to keep an eye on the emerging trends in mobile. To learn more about additional emerging trends and what they mean for your business, check out the Nielsen article here.

~Abby Cin PR Writer

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