Common Mistakes To Avoid When Planning A Mobile App Marketing Strategy


It is hard to overestimate the significance of digital advertising these days. That’s why a high percentage of marketing professionals have identified the mobile application being essential to their content advertising strategy. While implementing this impressive technology to the business is highly beneficial, many entrepreneurs tend to make certain mistakes. Naturally, to be able to use digital advertising to its highest potential, it is important to be aware of and ready to prevent some general faults.

In this article, GOWIDE marketing experts have prepared a list of common pitfalls that people experience while implementing digital advertising in their business development process.

Incompatible digital interface

Most product designs are created to be best viewed on desktop. Mobile screens are smaller compared to PCs, that’s why visual content and interface on mobile devices should provide the same functionality and visibility as that of the desktop computer.

A handheld device user will discard heavy images that take too long to load and page by page copies of desktop content. This is very time consuming and can lead to a lot of frustration. When designing a mobile version of a website, consider the crucial parameters of images and written information such as resolution, size, quality, etc.

One of the solutions to this problem is to draw mobile users’ attention to the selected features of the product that matter the most. Prioritize just a few key functions of your website. You can even run a poll among your desktop users to find out the things that the digital app lacks compared to the original website. Optimize the font to ensure all characters and texts can be identified and read with ease. By following this advice, you can be sure that your website and its contents will be displayed correctly, with no loss, blurring or distortion.

Creating a mobile application without a marketing plan

Prior to the mobile app’s development completion and its first version release, you need to have a distinct marketing strategy planned through, as well as a clear vision of the final goal to reach, i.e. target/ core audience, app’s availability (free or paid), landing page, budget and ROI, etc.

Assess all the pros and cons and develop a plan that will help set a promo campaign in the right direction. Keep the landing page of your website simple and well-optimized. It is not recommended to show an overwhelming advertisement that pops up the minute a user opens your application, which is likely to drive away potential customers. It makes a good impression on people when they realize that a website they like and find useful can also be viewed on a mobile device. Besides, once your app has become available on the Store, the next step is to ensure that its position in charts remains relatively high and gets seen by a large audience. It is a good idea to place the name of the application along with the link at the bottom of every web page. This will stimulate organic user acquisition that will facilitate your getting closer to your goal. Multiple researches indicate that most users read comments and reviews before they download a piece of software. Encourage satisfied and happy customers to leave reviews, suggestions and comments, which can later be used to build a steady relationship with your audience and contribute to your positive image.

’’Prior to the mobile app’s development completion and its first version release, you need to have a distinct marketing strategy planned and a clear vision of the final goal to reach.’’

Lay out a strategy to retain loyal users

Irrespective of how much investment has been put into your app’s development and promotion, if you keep noticing a stable outflow and low user retention index, it is time to think of the possible cause and solution. Besides the attractive design and engaging content, it is very important to keep providing your customers with valid reasons to come back and check the app again and again.

Follow guidelines on building a user-friendly interface and keep your app’s design consistent and recognizable. Get to know what your audience wants, why they want it, when they open and what they do inside your application, etc. Introducing some effective user engagement mechanisms will help reconnect with your users and remind them of your application.

Such customer-oriented engagement tools and techniques may include exclusive content, discounts, rewards, gifts and coupons, a free e-book, etc. Sending a reminder of an update, a promotion or a limited time special deal - all this can contribute to people launching your mobile application.

By following a well-balanced advertising strategy, by working on avoiding and addressing the existing issues, in the end, the whole journey will have proven to be rewarding. As an expert in mobile marketing GOWIDE is convinced that building a strong and credible connection with your audience will take your business to an unprecedented level of success.

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