Bye Bye Microsoft Employees: Largest Layoff in Company History


Shocking recent news reported by The Mac Observer, Microsoft is cutting 18,000 jobs within the company within the next year. Microsoft’s current CEO, Satya Nadella, announced last week that they have immense plans to layoff a huge percentage of their employees - clearly - thus being the largest layoff in the company’s history!

Unfortunately, a whopping 18,000 employees will leave work with that ugly pink slip announcing the fact that they have been laid off from the company - probably the worst feeling in one’s job history. According to Slate, this will be the fourth-largest at a U.S.-based tech firm since 1989. The announcement has been a complete shock to the tech industry worldwide. This incredibly large number is equivalent to about 14% of Microsoft’s full-time work force. Unbelievably 12,500 of these jobs are related to Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s mobile phone business. But, this does not mean that Microsoft is ending its ties with the Nokia business as the company has launched its latest mobile phone, the Nokia Lumia 635 just two weeks ago!

Tsk, Tsk, Microsoft. According to Forbes, Microsoft has informed thousands of its contract workers that they will also be majorly affected by the job cuts, and this information was not announced publicly - talk about insensitivity.

Ars Technica recently reported that not only was the mass amount of layoffs completely a shock to the tech world but the email announcing these layoffs, apparently written by Nadella, were undeniably empathetic and unpassionate. Apparently, the email basically talks about how the company has plans to fire almost 20,000 people, but you may not know if you are one of them for at least six months - that’s quite reassuring…

The last time Microsoft employees have suffered from such a severe layoff was in 2009 when management eliminated 5,800 positions over the course of two rounds, according to ZDNet. Which then CEO, Steve Ballmer, blamed the cuts in 2009 on a “response to the global economic downturn.”

As a passionate and serious supporter of Microsoft and all of its success, it will be interesting to see what these employees have to say in rebuttal to the powerhouse company. Could this possibly start a tech-employed feud? We shall see!

~Abby Cin, PR Writer

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