Building the App User Loyalty


Brands always seek to build strong long-term relationships with the customers. Marketers need to spend much when acquiring new app users. People who do not lose interest in a mobile application can generate higher revenues over time.

That’s why the user’s loyalty plays a significant role in any successful mobile app advertising strategy.

Why is it important to calculate LTV (the user’s lifetime value)? How to get quality customers? Where to start? Let’s try to find answers.

Pitfalls to Avoid

Building the loyalty of app customers is not an easy task. All entrepreneurs should take into account the following risks:

  • users leave the app shortly after install;
  • irrelevant or inappropriate push notifications;
  • other challenges, related to the app usage (time spent within the app, how frequently they open your invention).

Specialists claim that many users quickly abandon apps. There is also a problem of fraud in digital marketing. So, better to focus on the quality of your downloads, not their quantity.

Marketers can ruin their ad campaigns using irritating push notifications. Sending messages should become a thought-out strategy. Push-notifications must have real value for customers. Try to engage users, don’t distract them.

Proper analytics helps app owners to evaluate in-app behavior of mobile users. The number of app sessions, their duration are important indicators. Track them to improve the promotional strategy.

The ways of increasing loyalty

There are a lot of ideas for entrepreneurs to improve the user loyalty. Let’s look at the most successful tips.


Offer some benefits to the customers. These rewards are usually virtual currency, some interesting content, new game level, etc. Such gifts motivate users to spend more time within an application. You can give these rewards in exchange for completed actions (filling in the form, participating in the contest or surveys). The type of reward depends on the app category (entertaining, business, health and fitness app). Experts claim that the practice of rewarding users always works well for your brand expansion. That’s the best way of building strong relationships with your company. You interact with your customers, strengthen trust, and learn more about the preferences of your audience.

Sharing information via Social Media Channels

Social networks are the powerful tools for marketers. People spend most of their time on social media platforms. Spread information about your digital invention through networking sites. Incentivize sharing updates, new events related to your project. It helps advertisers to gain new customers and increase the loyalty of existing users. Social Media Platform is the single most important catalyst for the word of mouth.

Wise email marketing strategy

Make your emails and push-notifications smarter. The main rule, in this case, is personalization. Getting feedback from users should be planned at the right time, e.g. when users have performed some actions within your app. Your emails must be sincere and natural. Offer something valuable. Always remember you are sending messages to real people with their expectations, likes, and dislikes. Otherwise, push-notification and email strategy will only disturb consumers.

Final Words

All recommendations given above won’t work without the proper analytics. What is the value of each acquired app user for your business? The lifetime value of a user (LTV metric) can give you a full answer to that question. This is an indicator of an app success. It also demonstrates the great role of a customer loyalty.

Moreover, LTV allows business owners to find the best ways of optimization. The thorough analysis of the users’ behavior, assumptions about their future relationships with your app help marketers to improve the app performance, make all necessary changes, and increase the app revenue before it is too late.

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