Briefly about SSP advertising


Every digital marketer and owner of a mobile software product should comprehend how to use ad networks and self-serve platforms for app installs. If you want to get sources of quality traffic learn more about AppBooster. To optimize your ad campaign sign up here.

You just need to know all capabilities for advertising. It is an essential condition for earning money from your invention in a very competitive digital field. There are some alternatives to ad networks.

We have already written about Demand Side Platforms or DSPs. They are useful systems for advertisers. Such mechanization provides easier and more convenient way of ad campaign managing.

But what about those who sell ads? What kind of software do publishers use? There is such program that helps to make ad placements more expensive and trade them easily. This software system is called a supply-side platform.

Concept of SSP advertising

SSP is a contraction for a Supply-side or a Sell-side platform. It is a better chance to gain revenue.

This kind of software allows an ad seller to operate deals automatically. Vendors can trade advertising inventory of all kinds (mobile and display ads, video) with the help of a special program that connects publishers with various networks and ad exchanges. Ad purchasers get impressions there. Besides they can select options with cheaper prices.

According to Gimbal, SSP is a computing system that allows publishers to organize their ad inventory selling process and gain revenues from multiple digital media.

This platform stores different kinds of advertising requests. Then publishers select where to sell their ad space. Those advertisers’ needs are combined in a demand-side platform.

Supply Side Platform functioning

This automation system works as a link between sellers (those who provide location for ads) and buyers (adverts). In doing so, publishers can choose the type of advertisement content that is placed on their resources.

Ad sellers set pricing models, the minimum cost of an impression and pick the type of advertisement in order to prevent traffic losses. Any publisher wants to be sure that the ad placements on his site or an app are appropriate to the concept of the resource.

SSPs also provide good opportunities for analytics. It is an added bonus for those who publish ads. Thorough and effective research helps to plan the future gaining in revenues.


We can define the main advantages of SSP for proprietors of ad resources. They are:

  • saving time;
  • greater efficiency;
  • higher income;
  • a wider range of clients;
  • possibility to sell out remnants;
  • managing all trading operations.

The best supply side platforms

Publishers should know the following agencies that help to make profits from their apps and rapidly return investments.

Adcolony. This platform is the leader in mobile solutions. Provide a lot of ad formats. Works with top brands and DSPs.

Admob. This service belongs to Google. The platform offers efficient native ads. It is one of the best ways of mobile app monetization.

Beachfront. This ad marketplace can save publisher’s budget and time. It is very convenient, but provides only video ads.

Chartboost. This supply-side platform is specially created for mobile game developers. It provides video ads, interstitials, animated GIFs.

Heyzap. A useful tool for app owners. Its software offers sophisticated targeting options. This platform connects you with multiple mobile networks.

There are also other famous SSPs. The best solutions for mobile publishers are Smaato, Mopub, Vungle.

Bottom line

Supply-side platforms ensure automation of ad selling. These are the tools for owners of online media. Such kind of program helps to put ad inventory on the market at the higher price. Publishers send an advertisement to Ad Exchanges where adverts can acquire impressions through a programmatic auction in real time. This public sale makes commerce profitable for both sides.

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