Battle of the Mobile Apps: Slingshot vs. Snapchat


We all know of the tremendously popular photo messaging app, Snapchat. While the app has been gallivanting around town on its high horse, it is soon to be taken to war by the largest online social networking site in the world known universe, Facebook.

As reported in a recent article on Mashable, the behemoth social networking site has relaunched their Snapchat ripoff app, Slingshot this past Tuesday. Although the infamous Snapchat has an active 26 million active users in the U.S., its powerful competitor is weaseling its way in and hoping to quickly exceed that number.

There is one significant distinction between the two apps that some users may find attractive, and some may not. In order to scope out a friend’s picture sent via Slingshot, the receiver has no option but to respond with an image or video. Therefore, users cannot not be stingy with the pics and must return the favor!

Another essential aspect of this new photo messaging app is the ability to hold a Slingshot account without owning a Facebook account. So, to all of the Facebook-less people out there, no need to feel left out.

Are there people out there without a Facebook account?

Reportedly, the app’s launch was accidentally open to the public and then was quickly taken down. This time, Slingshot is apparently here to stay. The battle has begun and we will see who comes out on top.

Slingshot, Snapchat FIGHT!

~Abby Cin, PR Writer

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