Average CPI for Android and iOS apps worldwide as of January 2017


Did you know that to get your app ranked in the top 25 within popular categories of any app store, you need at least 7000 downloads per day, and much more to reach top 10? Now you are probably thinking: “Good, but how can I reach these numbers?” It is definitely not a hope or a magic. The best tool to get true results is a well-planned cost per install (CPI) campaign.

CPI is the most suitable payment model for developers, marketers and advertisers, and is considered to be a cost efficient as well. This model allows you to pay only when a user downloads your app. The more downloads, the more you have to pay, and vice versa. In both cases, benefits are all yours.

However, it is not an easy task to make a budget for a CPI campaign. The reason is that, due to the nature of this model, rates drastically vary depending on location, platform, app category, and season. This can cause day-to-day fluctuations in the CPI levels. That is why it is important to analyze how this index is changing as time goes by.

Current CPI levels within the top 5 countries

According to the Geenapp research, the monthly CPI Index for iOS and Android keeps varying through all countries. Here is the current average CPI by the operating system and top 5 popular countries. Germany goes first with the highest prices, which are: $2.76 per iPad app install, $2.39 per iPhone app install, and $1.56 per Android app install. The next countries that present the top 5 in this field are Japan with $2.73, $2.56, and $1.05 respectively, the USA ($1.91, $1.92, $0.85), Brazil ($0.74, $0.66, $0.22), and India ($0.55, $0.55, $0.34).

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Now let’s take a look at how CPI varies by categories in these countries. This is one of the most intriguing aspect, and should be studied carefully. According to the Chartboost, the iOS Casino app in the USA reached $5.54 per install, representing the highest rate among all categories and the countries, covered in this post. Meanwhile, the Android app install cost in the same category is significantly less, only $1.84 per install.

On the other hand, the Sports app category cost level in Japan is almost equal for both iOS and Android platforms, and is leveled at the $2.49 and $2.40 mark respectively.

CPI levels per category for iOS

CPI levels per category for Android

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Results compared to 2016

In case you are interested in users from the USA, draw your attention to the fact that this market faces a slight increase in the CPI levels compared to 2016 almost in all categories for iOS except Lifestyle and Shopping. The CPI costs for the Android app promotion in this area didn’t grow much higher compared to the previous year. The most probable reason is that Android CPI witnessed a noticeable increase by the end of 2016. For instance, the CPI for the Health & Fitness categories grew by 28%. It seems that the CPI of the iOS and Android apps of the last few years has reached the highest ever level (especially in summer 2016), and further increases are likely to slow down.

We look forward to an exciting year ahead for advertisers in 2017, and are ready to bring you more insights from the social advertising world throughout the year. Stay tuned with GOWIDE.

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