Addressing the issue of mobile app churn


Mobile app creation is an essential part of any marketing strategy. Today people spend much of their time within applications and games. However, the majority of users are ready to abandon a new digital invention soon after install.

Why do they leave? In this post, we’ll try to clear up a few things.

Define the reasons

The app market is highly competitive. There are a lot of products for all tastes. Some apps are very slow. Some of them have a poor user experience. So, customers may quickly replace them with other versions. That’s on the surface. Now let’s look deeper into the causes of app churn.

Out-of-date content

The obsolete information is the enemy of your application. Each time a user opens it he or she should find something interesting and new. Never forget regular updates. Offer your customers various rewards, new levels in a game, sellouts, funny stories, possibility to create and share user-generated content, and so on. That makes people turn to your app, again and again, looking for new interesting information.

Study the requirements of your customers. Try to find the content that will be interesting and valuable for them. Look at your app from the consumer’s point of view. What can motivate you to revisit an application?

The lack of trust

One of the main issues that lead to high churn rates is user privacy. Portable devices are personal. They contain all personal data of app users, such as photos, video, contacts, etc. People want to ensure that their personal information is secure.

Make an app registration optional. Exclude the possibility of posting information without the user’s permission. That’s a very important factor for building trust. Provide customers control over sharing.

Technical issues

Various imperfections within your app may become a decisive factor in the user’s intention to leave. The aim is to eliminate all errors quickly. Estimate the quality of UX. If your app crashes you have no chances to gain a large audience. Monitor the recordings of crashed sessions. Such an approach allows you to maintain a good reputation for your brand.

User Experience

Taking into account a high competition you should provide the better quality of user experience. Test your invention. The speed of loading time, the app features. Some people install an application for one specific purpose. If they can get it easily due to a certain feature of your digital product they will always come back. Otherwise, they find an alternative in the app store and replace your digital product.

In-app advertisements

Users like free apps that are based merely on advertisements. At the same time, commercials are often irritating. There are following aspects of mobile ads that make people abandon applications:

  • ads are not relevant;
  • too many positions;
  • the prevalence of interstitials;
  • the “exit” button is absent.

Pay much attention to the advertising campaign for your application. Exclude offensive ads, try to make relevant creatives.

Bottom Line

Don’t let your customers leave. Sometimes it is not very difficult. You can prevent churn by improving the quality of your application. The rules are simple: better UX, the appropriate and not annoying ads, regular updates of content, elimination of all technical issues.

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