5 tips to increase affiliate sales during Black Friday 2018


Thanksgiving holiday has already passed, and with the holiday discounts have come. Black Friday has proven that people get never tired of going shopping. And what a pleasure to go shopping online for most of the users, especially on Cyber Monday.

In this article, we decided to give some tips on marketing advertising and share some ideas of how to drive more traffic and increase sales during the biggest shopping season of the year.

Why is so important for marketing? Because, you are more likely to die during the Black Friday hysteria than from a shark attack. According to Traffic webmasters, bloggers, and other app advertisers earn a big amount of money via affiliate marketing during the holidays.

Black Friday statistics:

- Most of the earnings per year are from Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

- During Black Friday and the next few days most of the brands give a discount (50% to 80%)

- Consumers like to get the discounts on software, tools, hosting, plugins, etc. as well as on clothes and accessories

- The few days from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday get the fifth part of holiday sales.

- Spending on mobile devices and mobile accessories exceed over $1 billion in sales of Black Friday.


- More than 30% of annual retail sales occur between Black Friday and Christmas (lasts for one month), these days are the biggest shopping days during the year.

- People will never get tired of shopping. It is a good chance for advertisers to plan and launch a sale ad campaign and test it for several times.


Customers always are looking for some profitable deals and brands have the opportunity to grow their customer base by providing attractive offers.

What you need to know about Black Friday

Data and statistics

Nikki Baird gathered all the results and statistics and predicted for these holiday season a big bang in sales. According to marketers, this year is expected to be bigger than ever. According to the researches of, the average adult is planning to spend about $483.18 on the shopping holidays, which is equivalent to $90.14 billion.

Data and statistics help to understand the average amount that users are willing to spend, who are planning to buy, what product or service interest them, and what discounts customers prefer more. In turn, retailers prefer to use different discounts (i.e. 50% off everything on Black Friday), or “Buy One Get One Free” to interact with consumers. This is very useful information for those who want to learn and grow in marketing.


Marketing trends

It is obvious that trend-following helps to be on the same wavelength with the audience, surprise the audience, encourage them. Marketing trends show how to stand out among other brands.

Changes in the marketing world happen because customers shift the way of spending their money and time. Priorities and behavior of consumers are also changing. All the turns directly influence on the marketing and advertising efforts. Learn how to attract your audience. Staying up-to-date on trends helps the company save time and money.

Be prepared for the shopper’s rush

Retailers have already used to a big rush of shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday holidays. But in 2015 happened a big surge in online sales. People started actively using their gadgets to get the best deals. Were online shops prepared for this “impending tsunami”? We have some doubts about this.


Customer demand for products or services is growing every year. People also like discounts, so do not deprive customers of this opportunity, make them want to reapply.

Tips to increase sales during Black Friday

There is something athletic in attraction race in affiliate marketing. Before start advertising on the audience, advertisers have to draw the attention of publishers or affiliates (because they are responsible for sending the traffic). So, advertisers have to make an advantageous offer for both parties: affiliates and customers.

Tip1 Create a gift guide

Create a gift guide or offer a free gift. Everyone loves free things. You can offer a free gift for customers if they purchased goods or ordered a service for a certain amount. For example, if you sell something connected to the fashion, you can offer a bracelet gift, if it’s a program or plugin offer the audience a 14 days trial or a discount on buy.

By offering a gift or bonus to the affiliates, advertiser motivates them to work better and bring better results. Advertisers can offer a percentage bonus or double pay for good job during the Thanksgiving holidays.

Tip2 Offer a sneak peek

A sneak peek is like a teaser in the movie industry. The main thing is to intrigue and allure the audience. How to do this? Simply, create a gif, video, slideshow, or a banner of the brand that will be on sale and promote it until the big day. The main thing is just to draw the audience attention (do not reveal all cards). People will be excited about the type of discounts that you will offer.


Promote your sneak peek advertisement on your accounts or use the help of affiliates, intrigue them as well, use the “Oh my God!” effect. Being under the general euphoria of waiting, publishers will connect more efforts for your promotion. Using a sneak peek, you will get everybody engaged before the sale will start.

Tip3 Add new products

Customers like search new products or sales. Do you know how much Snapchat and Instagram users love new apps that offer new styles of photos and video redaction? They pay to add new filters, new stickers, new effects, etc. Most of these app types are selling out through the holiday sales.

Black Friday is a perfect big sale holiday that gives an opportunity to reach new customers and attract new affiliates. Offer something fresh, offer new experiences, and sales. Add a product that can be extremely available on Black Friday to boost sales. You can add a countdown timer that shows the end of the sale. This will work with the customers and affiliates. Customers will hurry up to buy, and the affiliates can take an offer faster than usual, the time passes quickly while the sales. Show that your brand can be interesting and advanced.

Tip4 Offer a VIP discount

VIP discounts encourage the customers. Discount during Black Friday weekend can bring you new customers and strengthen relationships with longtime clients. Make sure that you offer VIP discount only for your longtime customers, let them feel special.

There are also VIP bonuses for affiliates. VIP bonuses are given to affiliates you trust, affiliates that send a good traffic and give you a high profit. VIP discount help advertisers maintain good relationships with those affiliates who bring a good result.

Tip5 Increase your ad spend

Whether you like it or not, but you have to spend a descent on advertising during the Black Friday holidays. The cost-per-click will cost higher than usual, just like the rest pay-per-actions. Try to plan the ad promotion a few days before the big day. This will give enough time to optimize conversions. You will be more noticed by potential customers if you’ll rise the budget on promotion.

Affiliates will be interested to promote your product or service, if you present the right offer, with the right price per action you want (click, impression, go to application page, etc.)

In addition

Black Friday was started by shoppers in Philadelphia in 1960s. After almost 60 years it is still topical and continues to gain momentum. Nowadays this event help retailers enhance the ROI with the help of big and popular sales. Black Friday in a manner is a shopping marathon in which everyone takes part.

We’ve collected some useful tactics that suit your business best. Don’t forget to check our discounts and bonuses for Black Friday. And by the way, don’t be upset if you forgot about Black Friday holidays. Ho-ho-ho! There is always a spirit of Christmas that also likes discounts. Cheers!

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