20 must-attend digital marketing events in 2019


Affiliate marketing along with digital marketing is constantly evolving, and staying in the narrow circle of communication leads to loss of relevance of affiliate manager work. Affiliate marketing is nothing without partnership and communication.

Whether you are a publisher, advertiser, affiliate manager, developer, or business owner you need interaction. Luckily we have different events where we can exchange contacts, find new partners, explore new trends and opportunities, and many many other interesting things.

If you are looking for a possibility to get into a cool affiliate marketing community, it would be a brainwave to visit the most expected affiliate marketing events in 2019. Why? Well, because even if you are a professional or just decided to start, there is no progression in your career without trying to move forward.

There are so many conferences and meetups devoted to affiliate marketing that you can drown in selection. So, not a word more, just make you some coffee or find your Zen and take a trip through the top 20 most expected digital marketing events in 2019.

Top events 2019 for affiliate marketers

Winter events

February meets us with several cool conferences about affiliate and mobile marketing. Different types of networking forecast not just a good time spending but also a long term partnership.

More by token, during the cold days new acquaintances are the warmest. Don’t hang around, better pack your bags for a big trip. Here are the events that will warm up throughout the last month of winter.

London Affiliate Conference

February 6-9, London, UK

LAC’19 provides enough time to listen to speakers and attend sessions about marketing innovations, business development, and latest trends. Also, there will be a big expo dedicated to new technologies and techno-world achievements.

You can plan out meetings with partners or find new mates for all 3 days. It’s going to be a huge networking event that counts over 5,000 visitors.

Affiliates and introducing brokers can enjoy free tickets (upon pre-approval). The regular price for other delegates is £575 + taxes ($670 USD).

White Nights Conference

February 12-13, Berlin, Germany

WNC is an international business conference for game industry with the content across mobile, PC, console, web, AR and VR. It is also a huge exhibition for game developers who are looking for partners, publishers, and investors.

By the way, the unique thing about White Nights Conference is that it doesn’t start early in the morning. This feature helps developers and other visitors to have a more productive business day.

This year WNC is planning to host more than 1,300 visitors. As for payment, the price varies from €150 to €600 (around $200-$700 USD).

The Kochava Mobile Summit

February 13-15, Inland Northwest, US

The Kochava Mobile Summit is a three-day meeting of leaders in advertising in the snowy winter wonderland of Northern Idaho. The event includes news about cyber-gaming world, audience segmentation and activation strategies, usage of real-time data for business intelligence, etc.

More than 4,000 visitors are going to cast an eye here. After a fruitful work at the conference, you can relax and show your skills at a ski resort.

So, how much does it cost to take part in it? The price differs from $500-$2,700 depending on how many days you will spend at the conference and what events you plan to attend.

Traffic & Conversion Summit

February 25-27, San Diego, US

Continue to travel around America and our next stop is San Diego. Are you ready for the largest marketing event in North America? Organisers promise to concentrate on actionable content, share what’s new, what’s hot and what works in practice. Sounds good for those who are looking for some settings of how to do.

The event plans to host more than 6,000 attendees. Just imagine: over 80 speakers and 108 sections. It’s like several events in one. To take part or visit the conference costs from $1,995 to $2,695.

Mobile World Congress

February 25-28, Barcelona, Spain

By leaps and bounds, we moved to the end of winter and back to Europe. The last conference of the February is MWC. It is the most extensive conference in the year. Are you ready to debate about digital marketing and new technologies introduction into it?

During 4 days over 180,000 visitors are planning to catch 2,300 exhibitions, listen to famous marketers and have fun at networking.

The price ranges from €799 to €4,999 (around $915-$5700) depending on your desires and possibilities.

Affiliate World Asia

December 5-6, Bangkok, Thailand

During the cold period of time, it is nice to be somewhere where is warm. The last conference in 2019 is in Thailand could also be a good reason to go into hot lands. No wonder that the event attracts over 3,000 visitors.

The price for participation NYK.

Spring events

We all are waiting for the Spring, a time of changes and recovery. Also, Spring promises new events and new partners. Let’s see what conferences await us in this season.

The European Summit (Affiliate Conference)

March 1-4, Lisbon/Cascais, Portugal

We decided to start with the networking event in Portugal. This is a perfect place for affiliates and publishers. A lot of structured and informal sessions bring tonnes of opportunities to forge new contacts and find like-minded people.

This conference is also very expected. Over 3,500 visitors have already applied for participation. The price is equal for everyone — €450 (around $500).


March 4-6, Las Vegas, US

What’s happens in Vegas not always stays in Vegas. For example, LeadsCon is a perfect event for affiliates. The conference is the largest performance marketing event in the world. It pays great attention to the newest trends, technologies, and business opportunities.

Come with other 2,700 visitors, take a walk around many techno expositions, find new partners and celebrate the agreement with a glass of refreshing champagne.

The ticket price ranges from $1,225 to $1,845.

Affiliate Summit Europe

March 12-14, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Again, we back to Europe to continue rendezvous with affiliates at the Affiliate Summit Europe in Amsterdam. This year the conference will have an unusual format, at the first day organisers plan to arrange a meet market day where merchants with affiliates will exchange their contacts and courtesy

Next two days will be in full possession of Exhibit Hall. Which means that you will have more time to meet up with other attendees and speakers. The price of the tickets varies from $389 to $659.

Ad:tech New Delhi

March 14-15, Gurgaon, India

Do you have business contacts with Asian countries? Quick, pack your luggage and visit Gurgaon because there will be the Ad:tech New Delhi conference. It is considered to be one of the most influential digital conferences in India.

If you want to expand your business on Asian countries, then move your body to India. More than 6,500 visitors are planning to take part in the conference and present their brands. The participation price varies from ₹20,000-₹32,500+Taxes (around $280-$460).

White Nights CEO Summit Barcelona

May 13-14, Barcelona, Spain

Next stop will be in Barcelona. If you plan to be there in mid-may enjoying the beautiful architecture of the city, visit also the White Nights CEO Summit.

Barcelona is also known as a city where is perfect to make a partnership. You can meet there game developers or specialists in game marketing and make a deal about future interaction.

The price for participation is €1,000 ($1,143) for two days of the conference.


May 16-17, Toronto, Canada

Another interesting event is expecting to be in Toronto. DIGIMARCON is a digital marketing conference with new ideas, technologies, and business opportunities. The event will suit perfectly for newcomers. You can receive personal recommendations, analysis of your business or activity.

Learn how to become a professional in marketing and easily attract new customers, satisfy their needs and keep in touch.

You can visit the conference virtually, it will cost CA$197 (around $150), physical visit will cost from CA$497 to CA$997 (around $380-$760).

Summer events

Summer is the time for chilling out with friends or family. Let’s face it, the work (especially in summer) should be with pleasure. That is why we chose for you top innovative summer affiliate marketing events that will bring you a sea of enjoyment.

DMIEXPO and Israel Mobile Summit

November 24-25, Rishon LeTsiyon, Israel. June 12, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Over 2,000 visitors are planning to attend two conferences in Israel. They are in Tel-Aviv and Rishon LeTsiyon. There will be professionals from digital marketing, affiliates, publishers, lead generation experts, and developers. If you miss this at work, there also will be many conversations about mobile status and lead generation.

As for the tickets, the DMIEXPO conference fee ranges from $229 to $289. The Israel Mobile Summit didn’t specify the cost of tickets (for now).

Affiliate World Europe

July 8-9, Barcelona, Spain

Affiliate World Europe is another great alternative for affiliate marketing professionals and other geeks that like a long distance trip. What we can say, again Spain, again Barcelona, more about affiliate marketing.

If you had no time to see all the famous places at the forward conferences, there is always an opportunity to come back to another event. At least, over 3,000 participants are going to take part in this event.

The price ranges from €549 to €829 (around $630-$950).

Affiliate Summit East

August 11-13, New York, US

This year New York is going to meet over 5,000 attendees, 310 exhibitors, 75 speakers at the conference. The program is crafted by the organisers for thesignificant stakeholders in the affiliate marketing industry.

The program covers the latest industry trends, analysis, and new challenges. Here you can meet up with affiliates, merchants, networks, technology providers, digital agencies, and traffic sources.

Attendees have access to online tools that help to arrange meetings with other attendees and speakers at the conference and after it. Participation fee is specified.

Autumn events

It’s time to harvest...and to sum up the preliminary results of the work.


September 11-12, Cologne, Germany

One of the biggest event in the marketing world takes place on September. DMEXCO is a massive annual digital marketing conference in Cologne. The conference (according to prior requests) plans to host more than 40,000 visitors, 1,100 exhibitors and 500 speakers from all over the world.

This year the conference continues surprising us by new digital achievements and innovations in marketing. Cologne in September is the right place to meet different marketing professionals, industry leaders, and tech developers.

The price is not specified yet. Think it will be known close to the Summer.

Lisbon Affiliate Conference

October 16-19, Lisbon, Portugal

Last year (in 2018) the conference successfully debuted in Lisbon. This year it will not be an exception. During the conference days, visitors will have enough time to organize business meetings, walk around the expo and learn about the latest trends.

Participation fee is currently unknown.

Open Mobile Summit

November 7-8, San Francisco, US

The Open Mobile Summit is going to be an interesting journey through mobile and digital marketing. Over 400 leaders from the world’s top brands will be in San Francisco sharing experience and life hacks with other visitors.

Participation fee varies from $1,595 to $2,695.


November 25-26, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Put a tick in the calendar to visit Amsterdam in November. Take a while to see live demos and products launches, and develop your communication skills at premium networking.

The DMWF is going to consider what digital future presents, provide a discussion from leading global brands, and explore the latest trends and marketing strategies.

Participation at the conference will cost from €129 to €999 (around $150-$1,143).

We just made a short review to show how fruitful (with marketing events) the year is going to be. Conferences devoted to marketing provide you with the opportunity to connect and learn from the best marketing experts.

Which event to choose, decide only you. When you select which event to visit base on your preferences, budget, and needs. Don't grab everything at once, pick one (or more) that suits your business profile better.

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