5 rules for creating a brilliant mobile app


When you have an idea to create a mobile application an interesting concept is just the start. A very high competition, the abundance of other digital inventions in app stores require intensive marketing efforts. You can make your mobile app a great success only if you design and implement a good advertising plan.

How to do it in the right way? There are some things you should pay particular attention to. Here are some tips to succeed in the mobile application market.

Do a thorough market research

Mobile app usage is growing constantly. There are millions of digital products similar to your invention. Try to investigate who your competitors are, learn more about their methods. Study the app category you have chosen carefully. Understand your targeted public.

It is necessary to have a clear picture of the audience’s needs. Moreover, your goal is to win the competition. You should offer users something special, non-conventional. Your app must advantageously stand out against the general background.

If you find out that somebody has already thought of your idea, try to implement it in a more creative way. Change it somehow.


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At the same time, the number of downloads can’t guarantee the long-lasting progress. Many people abandon apps several days after install. So, to gain the customer’s trust you need to keep their interest. Make your product helpful and engaging. Only those people who are satisfied with your app become loyal users.

Take into account the user experience, add new features to the application. Try to enhance the communication with mobile users. When you get feedback from them you have more opportunities for the app improvement.

The choice of monetization model

An important part of your app marketing strategy is the model of monetization. According to research conducted by experts from mobile development agency Anoda, more than 90% of downloaded apps this year owed to free inventions.

Specialists also predict that in-app purchases will become more popular in the future. This pattern allows app developers to gain revenues quickly.

There are also paid subscription model and mobile ads. Each of these methods deserves our attention. Before making a final choice analyze all pros and cons carefully. The model of monetization will depend on your app category, type, and budget.

Proper sources of investment

If you want your digital startup to go viral, think over the right marketing channels. Experiment with different advertising strategies. Select the most efficient ones. There are proven ways of a mobile app promotion. Thus, implement a high-quality social media campaign. It is cost-efficient and very productive. Do not forget email marketing as well. Try to build a solid customer base.


Analyze KPI (key performance indicators) of your ad campaign. They may vary depending on the type of app monetization, e.g. the number of subscriptions, in-app purchases for a certain period of time. Keep in mind the importance of KPIs that focus on user engagement (the user’s actions within the app during the first day/week after install, app sessions, etc.)

Final Thoughts

Mobile app creation takes time and requires a solid plan. You need to start with an idea of your invention. Think of the app concept, your prospect customer’s expectations, marketing strategies, and analytical tools.

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