4 Reasons to use Rewarded Video in a mobile app


When it comes to mobile app promotion marketers always think about types of monetization and appropriate advertising format. The digital technologies are constantly evolving and consumers gradually become more demanding.

People want to be in control of how and when they watch or read content. That’s why the growing popularity of ad-blockers seems reasonable. Irrelevant and intrusive ads disrupt the user experience.

However, there is one advertising format that can successfully overcome these obstacles. That’s Rewarded Video. In this post, we’ll review all advantages of this ad type for mobile app marketers.

The Role of Rewarded Video Ads

Rewarded Video Ad is a non-skippable full-screen advertisement for about 15-30 seconds. There is a reward for a visitor at the end of such video. An advertiser offers some benefits for users in exchange for viewing. The bonuses are different. These are virtual currencies, unlocking new app or game features, stickers, emojis, an interesting and exclusive content, etc.

Since rewarded video ads are valuable for customers, people usually agree to watch such commercials. According to a survey by eMarketer, 40% of consumers consider video ads as the most acceptable ad format.

Video ads help to strengthen relationships between the brands and the customers. These types of promotion work well not only with mobile games but also with social, messaging, news apps. Rewarded videos increase engagement. They do not irritate the audience, quite the contrary, attract people. Such peculiarities make video advertisements the most powerful marketing tool.

The main advantages of video ads for business owners

Let’s look at the benefits of Rewarded Video Ads. There are some aspects.

  • Prevention from ad-blocking (these are full-screen videos with the call-to-action at the end. It is highly unlikely that such ads will be cut off by an ad-blocker).
  • Brand safety (the opportunity to select the right places for ads, choose specific app environment).
  • The positive response (users get something valuable in return for ad viewing, so they are more willing to opt-in).
  • Building strong, long-term relationships with customers, more loyalty to the brand.

Experts claim that CTR (Click through rate) is higher when it comes to Rewarded Video Ads compared to other kinds of promotional material. People are more willing to make purchases after watching such ads. They trust the brand and keep their interest for a long time.

A necessary condition for the success

We have already listed the main advantages of video advertising. However, such commercials won’t help to grow your app user base unless you implement them properly. Marketers use some ideas that help them to earn more revenues with video ads.

At first, better to include the opt-in feature. That will provide users with a choice to watch an ad or not and the feeling of control.

Specify your video as a promotional material. Do not make it too similar to the app environment or a mobile game. The Rewarded Video may look like a part of your digital invention but remain visible.

At the same time, remember the great effect of the native advertising. The commercials have to be non-intrusive, interesting, and engaging. Find the balance between native effect and distinctiveness.

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