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We generate high-quality traffic with the help of our big 5 – premium app installs, social, video, native ads and retargeting. We offer the most trendy and effective sources mixed with skills of our in-house media buying rockstars. Raise your user acquisition to a new level!

Start to grow your user base with premium inventory. GOWIDE built exclusive partnerships with leading publishers and mobile ad exchanges. Our experienced team of media buyers will provide you with valuable users from the most trendy and effective premium traffic sources served to you on CPI basis. You pay only for users who installed your apps.

Key benefits:
  1. Single or multi-channel approach
  2. Access to verified traffic sources
  3. Direct response ads format (Banner, Interstitial)
  4. Higher DAU, ARPU, ROI

Get unparalleled mobile inventory to cover any of your user acquisition needs!

Would you like to get more engaged users from social sources? Social ads are the right choice for your app user base growth. Our user acquisition experts will help you to match your creatives with needed audience, elaborating right call-to-actions to optimize conversion funnel and reach relevant users.

Key benefits for your apps:
  1. Granulated targeting options
  2. Enhanced video ads targeting capabilities
  3. Virility, social sharing options (growing likes, tweets and shares)
  4. Solid base for future community building of your app/brand or games
  5. A/B testing capabilities
  6. Easy spend tracking, performance and ROI analysis

Use our unique targeting options and increase your app brand awareness!

Exclusive deals with trusted video inventory suppliers allow us to provide you high quality users. Our video ad campaign wizards will help you to captivate valuable users with your branded video ads.

Benefits of video ads format:
  1. Higher interactivity of app users with your brand
  2. Extended view through rates
  3. Boosted engagement from the most creative ad format
  4. Incredible viral and social potential

Leverage our extensive user acquisition expertise for your mobile video ads campaigns!

Native is no longer a buzzword, but a new industry standard. Our media experts performed a number of successful native ad campaigns. Native ad format is an optimal solution for branding campaigns aiming to get valuable users and deliver a better experience from their ads.

Key benefits:
  1. Higher conversion rates
  2. Higher conversion rates
  3. Brand-oriented targeted traffic
  4. Optimized CPI rates
  5. Enhanced user engagement
  6. Top user experience

Contact us now and get numerous successful native ad campaigns!

Retargeting is an vital optimization component in your result-oriented user acquisition campaign. Having broad experience in app retargeting, our creative in-house team will help you to choose the right ad format and channels for your app user segments.

Key benefits:
  1. Increase your brand recall rate
  2. Engage and re-engage your app users
  3. Use multiple platforms to place your retargeting ads
  4. Optimize your creatives for smartphone and tablet users
  5. Maximize conversion rates and ROI

Set up an effective custom app retargeting campaign now!

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