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Our user acquisition platform is operating globally and allows you to reach your coveted mobile users from any country. Choose optimal CPI rates and targeting for your campaigns and get access to all major sources of incentivized traffic in a single dashboard. Use our powerful inventory to grow your mobile app business!

Create multiple campaigns

Set up and control advertising campaigns with just a few clicks.

Create your own campaign on one platform that allows you to buy real casino, social and gaming traffic. If you have multiple campaigns or too many ads to tweak manually, we can automate the optimization process for you. Start buying traffic now!


Control your budget

You set a minimum budget that starts at just $200 and our dynamic system determines how competitive your bid is. Increase or decrease the cap, depending on whether your daily volume. Don’t blow through your entire advertising budget on day one. Our custom-built solution ensures that budget is delivering equally according to your campaign goals. Start to promote your app right now!


Integrate with any major app tracker

With our platform you acquire the easy integration that you can set in minutes. The platform is integrated with Tune, AppsFlyer, Kochava and other app trackers. Agencies can run campaigns with affiliate tracking links to buy media for their clients. Our system works effectively for both marketers and individual developers. Enjoy the easy integration with help of our platform!

Step 1

Set bids and caps for your campaign

Step 2

Fulfill your account with funds (minimum budget starts at just $200)

Step 3

Activate campaign and start getting downloads

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